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 brother zac poonen

hello ,recently i had been to bro.zac's church in bangalore for the very first time , the service began by singing few hymns then followed by a word of prayer bro.zac came up to the pulpit and started his sermon with three main key points
1.Peace with God
2.Peace with in one self
3.peace with others

During the sermon he spoke that there is a victorious life over sin for every normal christian and he also discussed why so many christians live a defeated life ,he reasoned it because men doesn't acknowledge there sin as God accounts it ,he also adviced to call sin by a worstname thata man can ever give .with these words he proclaimed that he lives a live of victory over sin .One sentence from this old preacher affected me a lot that is ,he said with all humbleness follow me as i follow Christ ,what guts does this preacher have to echo the apostolic words in this adulterous generation.Iam well pleased to see such preachers who still preach gospel with out any dilution .

d.sam jayakaran

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