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 Massive missions movement Call2All (what are your thoughts?)

This movement seems to be taking off here in Ohio. Was wondering what everyone's thoughts were. YWAM, Campus Crusade, Southern Baptist convention, Foursquare Church, are just a few of the groups that are teaming up.

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 2010/1/23 1:56

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 Re: Massive missions movement Call2All (what are your thoughts?)

Hi Judah

One problem is that call2all is composed of groups who believe that you become a Christian by making a decision to recite the sinner's prayer. At the end of the year they will announce "Praise God! We got 50,000,000 souls gloriously born again!" - meaning, "we got 50 million people to chant the sinner's prayer."

Another problem is this: "The methods Jesus used were relevant to the culture of the time, but very different than the culture of the 'church' in its day. Most of today’s younger generation are not open to the methods that reached their parents."

What methods will they use to improve on the methods of Jesus? "Using international performing arts, sporting and musical groups in campaign style evangelism."

This has got "Emergent Church" written all over it.

It also brings to mind a statement by Bruce Cook of Campus Crusade: "Back in Jerusalem when the Church started, God performed a miracle there on the Day of Pentecost. They didn't have the benefit of buttons and media, so God had to do a little supernatural work there. But today, with our technology, we have available to us the opportunity to create the same kind of interest in a secular society."

Wayne Kraus

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