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Yeah what he said! (Frank)

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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 Re: What dose this mean?

Now that you explained about your mom, I think that whoever said that was simply wrong in their use of that phrase in the context of your situation. God can and does use circumstance to get us where He wants us, and we can know and understand this, but that does not mean that we would divorce our feelings from our loved ones. My family live in Scotland and I in Kansas and many times over the years there has been illnesses where I longed to be with them to simply comfort the one's that I love. Even just the touch of a hand and our very presence can bring comfort and blessing. To suggest that this would be sin is just plain silly. Often times it is our persistent love that draws loved ones to Christ..........Frank

Areadymind: Yeah what he said!

Hello MJ.

This is a great answer, which I would like to back up with scripture. The Greek word for 'natural, family love' is 'storgos' (I'm not sure of genders and Greek grammar, so Greek scholars please be gracious!) In Greek, the prefix 'a' turns a word into a negative of the same.

We have some of these in English, for instance 'apathy', which would mean 'no feeling'. ('Sympathy' is 'feeling the same as'. 'Empathy' is 'feeling with the same feeling'.) Another negative would be 'amoral', meaning 'without morality'. That's the end of my preamble. I just wanted to show you these, which are not necessarily [i]sins[/i], so that when we come across '[u]a[/u]storgos' in the list of sins at the end of Romans 1, meaning 'without natural affection', we see that Paul considers this a significant failing, which would not be present in one who is pleasing God.

From Strong's Numbers
New Testament Greek Definition:
794 astorgos {as'-tor-gos}
from 1 (as a negative particle) and a presumed derivative of
stergo (to cherish affectionately);; adj
AV - without natural affection 2; 2
1) without natural affection, unsociable (Rom 1:31 marg.),
inhuman (2Ti. 3:3 RSV), unloving (2Ti. 3:3 NKJV)

Go ahead! [i][b]Love your mom![/i][/b] God is smiling on you. :-D

 2010/1/26 6:52

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Mary Jane,

Dear Sister,

Love your Mom with the love of Jesus that is in you. She will see your love, feel your love and she needs your love right now. I cared for my Mother who had Altzheimers day and night for 3 years. God gave me the grace and I poured out the love of Jesus on her. Yes, we read & sang and prayed but not at first. All things we could not do before. But the last 6 months of her life she opened her heart to Jesus and without a doubt, she went to Heaven. But the first part of my time with her was spent loving her with the love of Jesus. Then she was able to accept talking, reading, praying, singing and then accepting the Lord into her heart. Then we really had something to rejoice about!

Let your light shine. And be free to be the wonderful creation who God made. Be who you are and who Jesus is in you, pray of course, and let God be God. Your joy and love is a witness more than being concerned about doing the right thing. Let it shine, your an awesome daughter of the Lord!!! Will be praying for you and your Mother as you look to Jesus - the lover of our souls. God is Faithful!! Praying revelation & salvation for M.J.'s mother. Let her know how much You love her and her need for a loving, forgiving Savior - Jesus.

Much love and prayers dear sister.

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