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 Re: JOIN in praying for REVIVAL NOW!

Count me in.

Rey Octaviano

Rey O.

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 Re: JOIN in praying for REVIVAL NOW!

Hey I'm down, but just one question. What does one ask for when he prays for revival? I've been hearing for day one of my 10 years in Christ to prayer for revival, but few people there are to teach and train us how. I ernestly desire to see revival and be revived, but I don't want to just mentally assent to the idea, I need to see a move of God. Any thoughts?

Aaron Ireland

Aaron Ireland

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 Re: Praying for revival

Matthew and Patricia Bianco

Matthew Bianco

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 Re: Revival - What to Pray For

Greetings in Christ to all ...

I've just finished listening to a history of Revival (by Brother Orr) of the 1700's (in Europe) up till the last one (in America) around 1905. Here's the link ""
... It's wonderful! ... It will show you that these great revivals came out of inter-denominational prayer, where all were on one accord in the seeking of but one thing from God, R-E-V-I-V-A-L.

The primary prayer to God for Revival is just that - to revive us, and to also ask the Spirit to fall anew upon us with a new Pentecost outpouring. But nothing will happen without some church leader(s) catching the formula for Revival as stated in Joel 1: 13,14 & 2: 16,17. True Revival begins in the brokeness of Church leadership first, but only after a wilderness experience in the one(s) God uses to spark His leadership out of their apostasy. Scripture shows us that Revival is always forerun by a voice crying out of the wilderness, His prophet/prophets. So if you don't concider yourself a prophet, then you can also pray that God will raise up more of us. The prophet is the weirdo for the Word, the jester for Jesus and the cuckoo for Christ who's not ashamed to go to the leadership/laity and point to the need for Revival, via Joel's admonition, and that of 2 Chron. 7:14. I know this for a fact because I'm the one God has choosen to do so at my church. If you are called to this office be ready for rejection from men, but bask in the over abundance of the sense of God's presence in your life. Knowing that you're seeking His kingdom, and His righteousness "first" is more than glorious compensation in light of others concidering you "peculiar", which by the way is what all God's children are supposed to be. You'll also find additional instruction on what to do if you're called of God to be a point person for Revival, or just one wishing to pray regarding it, via these sermons by Martyn Lloyd Jones at
= Prayer for Revival, Preparatory Stages of Revival, Revival and the Glory of God, The Phenomena of Revival & We Should Pray for Revival.

All of us praying for Revival must be saints willing to submit ourselves to true, actual repentance (u-turns), complete surrender to sanctified, holy living (presenting ourselves living sacrifices), and due Christian benevolence (tithes, offerings and alms) of our time, talents and treasures to Christ. If we show our King that we're serious about His business, He will readily do business with us. Twenty years ago I heard a word from the Lord saying, "My final Revival is coming". At the beginning of this year (2004) I heard Him say, "The time is now".

May I encourage you to pray yourself, gather others in your immediate circle to pray, set up prayer partners via the internet, encourage your pastors to pray with other pastors and then call a solemn assembly at your church ... The bottom line is P-R-A-Y ... for I don't believe it will be long before God answers ... Time is short, the harvest is great and the workers few. Revival is the only way for the Holy Ghost to wake up we workers, and the harvest too ... Amen

PS - I don't know how to make the web sites clickable, so you'll have to cut and paste them.

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I hope people are still continuing in this but either way, I'm in.
Ryan Farrel

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 Re: JOIN in praying for REVIVAL NOW!

Dian Burch

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