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 Re: JOIN in praying for REVIVAL NOW!

Praise God. I am in.

Beaux Pilgrim

Beaux Pilgrim

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Lord, Bring revival and start with me!!

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Count me in too.

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Shelly Rollins


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Praying is important brethrens its like throwing a bomb in the territory of satan.

Lets pray to God to give us the holy ghost of prayer.

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 Re: Keep at the 4am hour, Christ will be for it Satan against it ...

Yes 'Praying HYDE', what a great book. Hyde was a man who prayed 8 hours a day. He was never critical of the speakers but would ask them to pray with him. He would continue in the prayer room while the people heard the speaker.

It has been over 10 years since I was convicted of prayer. E.M.Bounds said "Keep at the 4am hour, Christ will be for it, Satan against it, if we don't do better hell will be full." I woke up today and saw the 4am hour, as always this quote came to me.

I hear many people talking about pray and wanting to pray but none know what it is like to wait even just an hour. Tozer said from 8:00am until 1:00pm he would lay prostrate and worship God without saying a word. And it was intense and real.

Since hearing Duncan Campbell and Ravenhill over the last couple of months, I have entered into a covenant with God to maintain an hour of prayer. I have heard Satan whisper, it will not last but by the grace of God I will not be moved. I am determined to pour out my heart until this betrayed and cheated generation sees the Holy One. Amen.

Christian Roy Merlino

Christian Roy Merlino

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Hi Christian,
4:00 a.m. This has come up before here!

Mike Balog

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 Re: JOIN in praying for REVIVAL NOW!

What a stirring exerpt!! Thank yo for sharing it!

I have been earnestly praying for revival here in central WV, but more so now as I see things growing increasingly sinful in the world/church around me! I am desperate to see a mighty move of God in my generation!! I will join with you in prayer each day and will do my best to do so soon after noon for half an hour.

I truly believe God wants to visit His people, He is just waiting for us to become desperate enough!!

"He is no fool, who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose." ~ Jim Elliot

wrtbooks wrote:
I was reading a small book on the life of John Hyde called: 'Praying HYDE' and I was convicted by this excerpt from the book:

In Every revival there is a divine side and a human side. In the Welsh revival the divine element comes out prominently. Evan Roberts, the leader under God, seems in a sense to have been a passive agent, mightly moved upon in the night seasons by the Holy Spirit. There was no organization and very little preaching-comparatively little of the human element. The Sialkot revival which is no to be described, while just as certainly sent down from heaven, seems not so spontaneous. There was under God, organization; there was a certain amount of definite planning, and there were seasons of long continued prayer.

Preceding the revival was the organization of the Punjab Prayer-Union.

The Principles of this union are stated on the form of questions which were signed by those becoming members.

[b]i. Are you praying for quickening in your own life, in the life of your fellow-workers, and in your Church?
ii. Are you longing for greater power of the Holy Spirit in your own life and work, and are you convinced that you cannot go on without this power?
iii. Will you pray that you may not be ashamed of Jesus?
iv. Do you believe that prayer is the great means for securing this spiritual awakening?
v. Will you set apart one-half hour each day as soon after noon as possible to pray for this awakening, and are you willing to pray till the awakening comes?[/b]

Are you willing to JOIN with other brothers and sisters in prayer to God for Revival in your own hearts and in your communites? reply to this post with your full name.

Rebecca Wilson

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Oak Ridge, Tennessee

 Re: JOIN in praying for REVIVAL NOW!

To go along with the truth that you've so eloquently stated; In one of the Derek Prince sermons that I downloaded from your site, he said in essence; that in considering the life of Jesus, He spent 30 years as an every day man ( family life, job,etc.),3 years of intense ministry, and the last 2000 years has been spent in Intercession. I think that most of us ( in particular ME) have "MISSED IT" based on His example. The question in your poll about whether "the Church" is in apostasy or not, is answered in that succinct observation by Mr. Prince.

Howard McNeill

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 Re: JOIN in praying for REVIVAL NOW!

Dave Jones


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