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 Re: Katz, Israel and the Church 05

Let the Church become an apostolic entity and a forerunner to a kingdom that will displace the Powers of this world, and you will see the world take off its mask and come at it with gnashing teeth. Unless we get this into our spirits and understand the cosmic proportion of the Last Days’ struggle between kingdoms and wisdoms, we will not understand how Israel has a place in this and why the Powers of darkness are intent upon Israel’s destruction. So long as Israel exists on the face of the earth, they are a statement of God’s intention to establish His rule over His own creation, which rule has come under the influence of the Powers since Adam’s fall.
If there shall ever be a kingdom of God upon this earth, then it must of necessity be the kingdom promised to Israel upon the throne of David. God is a God who keeps His promises. The Powers of darkness know better than the Church what God’s scheme is. They see the restoration of Jews to their God and to their Land as a threat. They will seek, therefore, to eliminate that threat through the instrument of death, their wisdom. That is why we are going to see a relentless pursuit of the Jew in the Last Days: hatred, prejudice, escalating anti-Semitic fury, skinheads and neo-Nazis. As in the Nazi era, this phenomenon will become increasingly prominent. Having its origin amongst the gutter elements of Germany, it was not long before it took possession of the whole nation, and if it could happen in Germany, how then shall any nation be able to withstand it when that demonic power shall be released and allowed by God, with a fury poured out (Ezek. 20:33-34)?
This is the final showdown. The Powers of darkness are not going to give up and let go of the vested interests they have enjoyed undisputed since time immemorial. They intimidated and manipulated the German people in a space of less than a decade. Who will be able to stand in opposition to a system of government when it becomes totally captive to the demonic, and makes anti-Semitism a principle of its rule? It will be the Beast system prevailing over the world. How else can we understand that all nations shall come against Jerusalem to destroy it? The only reason that any of Israel will survive that Last Days’ bitter fury is because of the mercy shown to them by Gentiles, who have received their covenant mercies, or those same Jews would have perished.

Lars Widerberg

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