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can someone please interpret that chapter in deuteronomy for me, what is it actually saying that the brother posted?

John Beechy

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bibleforlife: Not sure what kind of interpretation you are looking for. The tokens of virginity are the stained cloth that proves this was the first time the woman had ever known a man.

This is describing the provision in the law by which a woman could clear her name if falsely accused of not being a virgin by her new husband. In this culture, marriages were often arranged. Remember how Jacob worked 7 years for Rachel but was given Leah instead. The husband might not like his new bride so well, and he might try to annul the marriage by claiming that when he went in to her he found her to not be a virgin. This would have been a serious charge against her as it would be paramount to declaring her a harlot or at least lewd woman. She could prove his statement wrong by making sure she had preserved this cloth with the proof of this being her first time knowing a man on the cloth. If she could produce the cloth, everyone would know the man was lying and he would forever relinquish any option of divorcing her for any reason. If she could not produce the evidence, she would be stoned for having broken the law by fornication before marriage.

I am not sure what point anonymous was trying to make, but that is what the passage is about.


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 Re: Marriage committment

It would seem to me the most revealing verse is one spoken by Jesus Himself:

Jhn 4:18 For thou hast had five husbands; and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband: in that saidst thou truly.

We see here that Jesus saw a difference between the ones she married and the one she lived with.

I have to agree that ceremonies differ according to culture, but in the good old USA we have to be very careful because culture has made common law appear to be marriage. But you can change common law partners like you do socks. There is no real committment, and to prove that, you don't need a letter of divorcement to dissolve it.

There is nothing binding in living together and it isn't biblical according to Jesus' statement above.

We as believers have an obligation to speak the truth in love to those who are living in sin and then to pray that the truth will become clear to them. We are not called to popularity and truth is very popular with the erring. The hard part is we are told to not even eat with those who are brothers and are living ungodly lifestyles. That is the painful part when it is someone we love.


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