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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Revival?

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This site seeking revival? promoting? You do neither. You are just another "clueless" slice of the present "laodicean" generation. Why is it nothing ever becomes of your "Revival conferences"? Excepting Paul W. the preachers are asleep, and everyone is unaffected and no revival and who cares, hey we got 2010. The people in the forum are just as "clueless", "wresting" Gods word as if it's their toy, women who are busy-bodies instead of "sarah's". You will all laugh me to scorn, but mark this, you will never see an "outpouring" from The Holy One until you humble yourselves and repent, O, ye Laodiceans.

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Nottingham, England

 Re: Revival?

We love you too!

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Why do you only have 2 posts?

What's your real name and what are you hiding?

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 Re: Revival?

God bless you MrVal4truth. May He guide your path straight.


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 Re: Revival?

The agape love emanating from your post marks you as a spiritual giant. Laodiceans like us would need a team of Sherpas to reach the lofty heights of Christian humility you have attained. If we dismiss you as an ornery curmudgeon with a pharisee complex, it is only because we are blinded by the dazzling light of your divine knowledge. You will no doubt receive a mighty reward in heaven for anonymously patroling Christian forums and verbally abusing those less spiritual than yourself.

Let me ask again: is that you, Walter?

Wayne Kraus

 2010/1/12 15:24Profile

 Re: Revival?

"Excepting Paul W. the preachers are asleep, and everyone is unaffected and no revival and who cares."

Spoken like one who never heard any of the speakers at Wales :)..............Frank

 2010/1/12 15:59

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 Re: Revival?

Greetings MrVal4truth

I just wanted to say that I will be praying for you. From the lack of love in your post you seem like someone who has been really hurt at some time in your life and for that reason now lashes out at others. This is sin on your part and you really do need to seek God on this and repent.

You wrote:you will never see an "outpouring" from The Holy One until you humble yourselves and repent,

perhaps this is something you yourself should think over too.

praying for you

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 Re: Revival?

women who are busy-bodies instead of "sarah's


So, how what does a modern day 'Sarah' look like?

If the females are to be 'Sarah's' I assume the men are to be an "Abraham'. You one?


Sandra Miller

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Notts. England.

 Re: Revival?

'Women who are busy bodies instead of Sarah's'
Yet not even Sarah was perfect! she tried to help God out in His work and made a mess of it - she talked her husband into sleeping with her maid, so she could have the baby for her own - then got so jealous of the maid after she bore her husband a son that she banished both mother and son into the wilderness without a care or even a second thought of their welfare,
I'm sorry, but how would you look upon a woman such as that today.
It's a good job that God is abundantly more merciful, patient and forgiving than we all deserve, and 'remembers that we are but dust'

Revival starts in the heart of the individual - that is why we are called to examine ourselves. You are not accountable to God for anyone else - only for yourself.

All I can say about the Lord in my life is; how amazing that the One who knows me best also loves me the most and pours out love and blessings that I do not deserve!

I hope you can say that with all your heart one day, because after reading both your posts I can see you are hurting and bitter. It is true that 'hurting people hurt people' but one thing I've learnt in my tough life is that how you deal with hurt will either make you 'bitter' or 'better'

You say nothing came of the Revival conferences, well I know only eternity will reveal the fruit of those meetings. I do know the impact it has had on my dad, who was one of the speakers and still weeps with joy! also on my friend who told me that the week was life changing for him. For me it was a week I will never forget where God answered personal prayer and has also given me a renewed zeal for life and guidance after the most horrendous two years any person could ever go through.
As I said revival is personal!

Ceri Elaine

 2010/1/12 19:58Profile

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