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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Concerning Sin????

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 Concerning Sin????

I would like to ask for some thought concerning sin, but am not sure that I will word things correctly to convey whats on my heart? I am wondering if anyone here has ever struggled with a particular sin, felt conviction for that sin and repented only to find themselves weeks or months later falling right back into it. Does this mean that the believer was never truly repenting of the sin in the first place? Do some sins take longer to die to and over come through Christ? Could this be a lack of faith issue or just an unwillingness to die to self and live in obedience to God?

In Him

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 Re: Concerning Sin????

Oh, how we struggle against flesh and
wrestle with sin until we understand
that "It was finished!!" on Calvary.
There is nothing to be done with flesh
or against sin except to take it to
the cross, see it crucified with Christ,
and put to death there on Calvary.
Not I, but Christ, gives me victory!!


Martin G. Smith

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Not I, but Christ, gives me victory!!

yes I agree with this with all my heart. So what then does it say when you find yourself at times with out even thinking after weeks or even months suddenly realize that you have done it again, you have sinned against Him who you claim to love?? When other sins God has revealed to you and you felt conviction, repented and it no longer seem to ever come up again, but this particular sin comes up at different times over and over again. I do not want to be deceived in this and yet I know that I am so wretched.

Edit:I think what I am asking is this, are some sins easier to die to then others? I know there is no degree to sin or its consequence, but do some struggle more with certain sin then they might with others? I am not looking for excuses but rather understanding as I said I do not want to be deceived in this.

in Him

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 Re: Concerning Sin????

Dear ebeth,

I think this is a crucial question that cannot be given glib answers. If sin in our life is the great block to revival we need to pay the price to deal with that sin.

I've struggled with these questions myself, "have I really repented?", "Is it that I lack discipline?", or even "was I ever saved?"

I've seen some extreems and alot of people proclaiming that if you sin, you've never known God (which appears to be a very biblical teaching) but at the same time we know that if we do sin, we have an advocate with the father.

I think there are some giants on this forum who can address these issues alot better than I can. I'll let them step up to the plate.


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 Re: Concerning Sin????


You are describing a scenario that, if they were totally honest, I think most Christians would have to admit to experiencing. It is hard to say for another person whether one did not repent, or whether it is just a struggle with the flesh. From what you said, I would say it is simply a struggle with the flesh.

When Christ died and rose again, our sin was dealt with, all of it. When we repent of our unbelief and our running from God and turn to Christ as the only sacrifice for our sins, we receive that forgiveness, but we are also born again. We pass from death to life, and are no longer sinners, but saints. This does not mean that our flesh is no longer a problem or that we will not be tempted, and it is no guarantee that we will never give in to a temptation.

I don't believe that victory over any particular sin "has" to take longer than any other, but in reality that seem to be the way it works. We are being changed, being transformed.

I came from a very performance oriented and very typical pentecostal background. If I ever sinned after I was born again, I beat myself up for weeks. Funny, it was never the little things that I was "convicted" about, but only the big besetting things that were repeated. I finally came to the place of realization that if I felt "convicted" over some big repeat thing but never did feel the same about getting angry with someone unjustly or about selfishness or self-centeredness in some area, that this "conviction" was in reality only condemnation stemming from myself or from the enemy. Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that God does not convict me of things that He desires to change in me. He does this all the time. But He does not beat me up for a week over one mistake and ignore the deeper and greater issues in my life. His conviction causes me to run to Him for forgiveness, not feel worthless for weeks.

What I came to realize is that all sins are equal in the sight of God. All sins are unequal in the eyes of man, and have varying degrees of consequence, but sin was dealt with on the cross. Notice sins and sin. Actions that miss the mark, and sin. There is a difference.

I learned to rely on the mercy and grace of God, to realize that He does not need to shed blood again for every infraction. I respond in obedience to the Holy Spirit when He speaks to me. I agree, "Yes Lord, I blew it again. I rely on Your forgiveness. I accept it right now." This is easy. The hard part is forgiving myself and moving on.

Then I am obedient to whatever He tells me to do about the situation.

Ultimately, I find that giving in to temptation and lack of victory over the flesh is inversely proportional to my love relationship with Him. The closer I walk to Him, the less I have problems with overcoming the flesh. If I become a bit "distanced" from God, I find myself having a much harder time with the flesh.

Hope that helps


Oh, by the way, I just read Friedrick's response. I need to make a disclaimer:

The fact that this person (me) has stepped up to the plate to attempt to answer this question does not imply that this person is a giant, knows a giant, has ever met a giant, nor has he played a giant on TV. :-)


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I've seen some extreems and alot of people proclaiming that if you sin, you've never known God (which appears to be a very biblical teaching)

This is only true if there has never been any kind of repentance and the person lives a lifestyle of sin and carnality. Nowhere does the Bible preach sinless perfection as being necessary proof that you know God. That is some kind of hyper-holiness view that can only be arrived at by taking verses out of context.

To windblows

I don't think we can speak authoritatively on your question. God works in different ways with different people. He could allow a person to fall into that sin to teach or humble or break that person.

It could also depend on the heart of the person sinning. Are they willfully committing this act again or is it the righteous man falling 7 times? Is there an increase in the length of time between each fall? If there is, that points to growth in sanctification.

I believe it's situational. If this is a question for you specifically, maybe seek counsel from a local pastor.


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 Re: Concerning Sin????


This is a common problem and a question that gets asked a lot on this forum. What does this tell you?

This problem makes a person aware of his/her ability to live victoriously over sin and temptation impossible apart from a close walk with the LORD. May I suggest you study the book of James and allow it to teach you.

Yes, some sins require much more work to overcome then others.


Sandra Miller

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Hunter Valley, Australia

 Re: Concerning Sin????

Hi wind blows

I too, have been shocked to find myself at times fall into an old sin that I thought had been dealt with. It is painfull.

Just a thought: In sanctification we go thru the purging of the Refiners fire. To truely be refined there must come times when the muck is brought to the surface so it can be removed. This purging then produces a greater purity to be yet purged further and on it goes until you have something so pure it becomes like a transparent beauty. Ive never worked with precious metals but this is my understanding of the process. I suppose until we see him face to face we will continue to see areas of our lives brought into greater degrees of refining.


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 Re: Concerning Sin????

Hi wind_blows,

A few weeks ago, bible4life posted a new interview / testimony from Paul Washer, which deals with your question. Sorry I don't have time to look for it, as I'm in a library and time online is short, but perhaps you, or someone else, can locate it. I think it's encouraging.

My own experience is yes, there are a million ways to trip up, and the enemy loves to have it so. This is why one of the best definitions of 'the cross' is 'walking in the light'. If we take 1 John 1:7 to heart, and really do it, it is not only harder to fall, it is impossible to stay down, and one's sense of having one's soul restored (which one perceives by faith as much as experience), is continuous. To me, it is this practice (walking in the light as He is in the light), which brings the presence of God nigh, in the sense that one does actually experience continuous communion with Him, regardless of all the corruption we find within and around us.

It is totally miraculous that God has found a way to bear with our fallen condition [i]now[/i], with the promise we will be free of it eventually. Hallelujah! But, this is entered into by faith - the substance of things hoped for. Heb 10:14 - note, as far as God is concerned, 'in Christ', we are already fully completed (perfected). We are now dealing with fruit from a dead tree, to the root of which the axe has been laid.

 2010/1/8 6:39

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Webster, Texas

 Re: Concerning Sin????

Sometimes I feel the only verse that has had any impact on me is Romans 7:15, and not the intended impact. The answers you've received have been very good. I would like to bring up a couple things. I have struggled with rebellious sin and fleshly sin. Rebellious sin is that which occurs after the argument should I or shouldn't I. Fleshly sin is that which causes a child of God to say "Who just did that?" I think you are more concerned with the "who just did that?" sin. I used to beat myself up for things as well and the Lord working in me caused me to realize that I am in a process of becoming that which God wants me to be. I'll mention Paul Washer as well. He said in a sermon that no matter what happens to you on the inside, no matter the greatness of your salvation, you are wrapped in rotting stinking flesh. This is not license to sin, but rather a way to tell you all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Pray and fast about this particular thing and keep seeking the face of Jesus and you will find you are less and less caught off guard with these sneaky sins. The very fact you are grieved by a sin you are not consciously committing tells me you have a heart that truly loves God. Fight that sin with all you have, but we must accept forgiveness and get on with seeking Jesus. Be encouraged, if you sin, you have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.

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