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 Forum Moderator Change


I wanted to let you know that brother [b]Mike Balog[/b] is stepping down from the forum moderatorship on sermonindex.

Mike has been a part of the site since its inception and in many ways has been one of the key community memberships for the last 7 years on the site. He served as a moderator for I believe almost 5 years of that time.

Due to busyiness with his work schedule is one of the major reasons for this change. There requires of a moderator alot of time to review and watch the forums.

We believe Mike to still be a vital member of the community and a great part of the site. His continued input is needed and appreciated.

In the future he could resume his responsibilities but for now he is stepping down. I am sure 1000's on the site can recognize brother mike and thank Him for all his hard work and hours in being a vital part of moderating the site.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2010/1/5 9:13Profile

 Re: Forum Moderator Change

Praise God for being too busy at work!! Thats a real blessing these days.

We love ya, Mike!


 2010/1/5 9:15

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 Re: Forum Moderator Change

Will miss him - his long-winded posts! :-) Right to the point and then expanding it to the far horizon....:-)

Wishing the Lord's blessings on him!


Sandra Miller

 2010/1/5 9:40Profile

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West Monroe, LA

 Re: change

Have been missing those "rambles" in which have been some very insightful remarks through the years [:)]. I am grateful that he has survived the changes in the workplace, but hope that there will come simpler times with more freedom to share those incisive posts that have earned him his moniker "cross check".

I will not forget to pray for my brother.


Clint Thornton

 2010/1/5 10:12Profile

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Many blessing brother. May the Lord lead you in His way.


 2010/1/5 11:34Profile

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Greetings Mike

I will miss your insight in the forum but am thankful your job is going so well. As Krispy said that is a real praise.
I will be praying that when you are able we will see you once again here at SI

God bless you

 2010/1/5 11:56Profile

 Re: Forum Moderator Change

Brother Mike,

The compassion you have shown those who have come on here in search of comfort and support I'm sure goes a long way! It has touched my heart to see someone lead the way in 'reaching out' like you have at times. I pray that the Lord will make a way for you to still be a part of this body of Christ (when able), and that work and other concerns don't hinder this.

We believe Mike to still be a vital member of the community and a great part of the site. His continued input is needed and appreciated.

 2010/1/7 11:59

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I truly appreciate the contributions that brother Mike has made to the SermonIndex community. I believe that he has presented a very caring and balanced approach to the input, comments and posters on the forums. He is one of the participants that I have often gone out of my way to view his comments.

I know that he is busy with the responsibilities of life, but I look forward to the time in which he will be able to impart more wisdom via his posts.

Thank you, Mike! May the Lord bless you exceedingly!



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Dear Mike,
thanks for all your wisdom on these forums. ,may God bless you


 2010/1/7 18:04Profile

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I'm going to miss you Mike. In fact, I've already felt your absence in the past year. I could always relate especially to you...or maybe it was vice versa. And I will always fondly remember that lunch with you and Greg in Canton.

Perhaps we will hear from you in the future.

Take care brother!


Mike Compton

 2010/1/11 0:22Profile

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