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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Physical fighting as a sport (ufc, mma etc) should christian be watching this stuff

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One other thing,

I had thought of this qoute from a book that I read recently by Pastor Wurmbrand called [i]Marx & Satan[/i]. From the title you can gather that a connection is attempted to be brought out between Marxisim/Comunisim, and Satan and Satanisim.

Anyway, this is the qoute that I thought was appropriate here also:

'There have been many revolutions in history. Each had an objective. The American revolution, for example, was fought for national independence, the French revolution for democracy. Marx is the only one who formulates as his aim a "permanent revolution," terrorisim and bloodshed for revolution's sake. There is no purpose to be attained; violence to the point of paroxysm is its only objective. This is what distinguishes Satanism from ordinary human sinfulness.'

Perhaps if the devil could not get Western culture to fall into Communist like dictatorship, he would get the west to embrace the same 'violence to the point of paroxysm', by means of freedom, the love of self, and entertainment.

John 10:10

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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Very sobering thread...

As I was going about my work today, my mind came back to this thread and what people were saying. Then I recalled something that happened many years ago, something I had not thought of for a long time.

I was quite old when I saw the first TV show that featured violence. As I recall there were 'statues' that morphed into evil this point I soon left watching, being so horrified at what was on the screen.

As time went on I developed recurring nightmares where these scenes were being replayed in my dreams.This went on for a long time until one day I made this situation a matter of prayer and in this prayer I was led to confess my complicity in watching this sinful innocence was restored and to this day I have never had another nightmare like this and I am very sensitive to seeing violence on any show. I hate it, will not watch it, even in a documentary - I will avert my gaze...

Just thought I would share this...

BTW, I find y'alls posts so encouraging. The scriptures so appropriate and helpful.


Sandra Miller

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I agree with these comments.

It is interesting that so many people in this world have embraced spectacles that are merely spectacles of violence. There is no point to it. I walked by a television in a lobby of a building once that showed a "UFC" type of cage fight. I just couldn't, for the life of me, understand it. What is there to see? What is the allure for watching such pointless acts of violence?

I used to pass it off as mere ignorance (or a characteristic of unintelligent individuals). However, I even met a PhD candidate from Oxford who was hooked on those type of televised fight programs. I truly believe that the cause is at least partially spiritual.

I agree with the application of those verses that others have raised in regard to this. II Timothy 3:1-5 talks about men in the last days who would be "fierce" or "brutal." These fighters and their spectators seem to fit those descriptions. Sadly, there is another form of violence that is just as harmful. It is when men brutally attack others (or treat others) without ever throwing a physical punch.

I have seen Christian debates (like on the website that was mentioned in another thread) where people rhetorically threw punches and insinuations in the name of God (or their particular notions of what God holds to be truth). It reminds me of those disgusting cage fights on television. I can't help but wonder if such divisive squabbling amongst "alpha" personalities might appear just as repulsive or quite hypocritical to outsiders and unbelievers who might be searching for the truth.


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