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 Re: Zac Poonen, "The Real Jesus"


I think this list is located in the "The Real Jesus" series though he refers to these characteristics in various other messages as well.

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This is a subject that is well worth hearing. I feel it heavy on my heart and will be teaching it tomorrow in nepal at the pastors conference.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: 50 Marks Of A Pharisee by Greg Gordon

I am so happy that finally someone wrote all 50 characteristics down! Thank you very much! I have waited long for this, since I listened to it from Brother Poonen.

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Ouch! Quite a few of these have been evident in my life...Cut me to the heart. Thanks for posting!

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Ouch! Quite a few of these have been evident in my life...Cut me to the heart. Thanks for posting!

aaagghhhhrrr - I have found many of these characteristics in my life, too.

I found another one
No. 51
A pharisee thanks God that he is not a pharisee.

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 Re: A good study!

I have been asking the Lord for a good study and as I came across this today, enjoyed every ones comments too, the Holy Spirit laid it upon my heart to study this in depth along with the Fruits of the Spirit in Galatians and 1 Cor. 13. I am sure it will be as good as I allow the Holy Spirit to touch me!!! Blessings to all as we follow our Lord Jesus Christ. Sheri

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 Re: 50 Marks Of A Pharisee by Greg Gordon

This is so worth being reminded is on the website again.


Jeremiah Dusenberry

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We all fall into all the points that Zac mentions about what a Pharisee is.

That is what Jesus wanted us to know. That we all fall short of the glory of God.

We cannot take the word of God and check off a list of things that we do not do. One of the things that Jesus wanted all mankind to know was that we are evil, because God hath concluded all to be under sin. Galatians 3:22

The law (any law) was to show us that we are incapable of keeping any of it through the flesh. So, we need to throw the check list out and throw ourselves at the mercy seat of Christ and cry, "Change Me". "Change me into Jesus Christ".

For I am Earthy, son of the first Adam, I need to be changed.

We need to be changed!!

 2010/5/14 10:33

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Bumping as a helpful reminder to us all :) I am currently listening to the Zac Poonen series that contains this list and it definitely convicts the heart and is much needed.

I am guilty of this attitude even in the purest of intention or being a godly husband, father, and man. It seems its quite easy to do.

God Bless,

Matthew Guldner

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"Are You A Pharisee? May God give you light on yourself and any areas of your life that has some of a Pharisee spirit in it. God purge us from all Pharisee-ism and grant us the heart of Jesus our Lord in all things."

Amen! This is my prayer.


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