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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Would the Apostle Paul be welcome in church ?

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 Re: Would the Apostle Paul be welcome in church ?

If the apostle Paul were to show up in our churches today... do you think we would accept him and his doctrine / theology / way of doing church?

I doubt it.

If you were to read through his writings, make a list of the issues he dealt with like in 1 Corinthians, then examine yourself, your brotherhood in how well you are living in agreement with his writings. What would be your reaction?

Only you know.

Kind of scary?


Sandra Miller

 2009/12/30 23:02Profile

 Re: A thorn in the flesh to the religious.

by AbideinHim

"The gospel of grace would be well received by most Christian churches, but the problem that many of them would have is with Paul's teaching on the total consecration of the believer, the absolute Lordship of Jesus Christ in the Christian's life, the cross of Christ that we are to be identified with in death, the fellowship of His sufferings as well as the power of His resurrection."

I agree. I might add that his consecration and holiness would expose SIN, and hypocrisy, and very soon those in charge would be looking , as the Pharisee did, for a way to depose him. When God's authority comes the self made authority of man has to go.

 2009/12/31 0:08

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I guess that you could argue that the Apostle Paul [u]IS[/u] already rejected in many of today's congregations, denominations and sects simply because they take a single verse or two from his epistles and then expound upon it, secularize it or humanize it so that it will fit in their own theology. Thus, in a sense, they are rejecting what Paul wrote and, sadly, the Lord who inspired him to write.

Of course, it would be interesting to hear Paul preach. I think that I would have loved to have attended one of his messages. I would also loved to have seen him pray. Of course, I would loved to have heard Jesus preach (in the flesh) and watched Him pray as well.



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