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Discussion Forum : General Topics : What has happened to the preview and other buttons?

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Joined: 2009/11/23
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Behind a Computer Desk

 Re: Smileys

For smileys, typing ":)" ":(" and ";)" won't work. You have to type ": -)" ": -(" and "; -)" but remove the spaces in between the colon/semicolon and the dash. The smileys will look like this:

:-) :-( ;-)

As for the previews, I don't know what the deal is. The mods might know more than me. :-)

EDIT: Speaking of preview button, I was having some problems with it before it got gone. Every time I wanted to post a scripture reference (ex: Psalm 7:11-12) and I pressed preview, the reference would disappear in the actual post. In order for the post to look right, I had to not press preview before posting. Some other users might have experienced the same problem, and maybe that's why the preview button got removed. I don't know, really. :-(

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:-) :-) ;-) Thanks!

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Hey Cool :-)

 2009/12/31 20:34

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