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Joshua Daniel? Who is this, brother Immanuel?

 2009/12/30 9:41

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You are wearing out your welcome at SI with me. I have read most all of your 24 postings since you joined 2 days ago, and the majority of them reek of pride, arrogance, legalism and for the most part are condescending. From what I have read of your posts, no fruit of the spirit is included in what you say; Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentelness, Faithfulness and Self-Control.

You see the speck in your brothers eye, yet you fail to see the log in your own. Check your heart and see if it imitates Christ's heart.

Honestly, you remind me of a poster that was just banned here by the name of procyon.


 2009/12/30 10:06Profile

 Re: Top 5 Books on Revival

1. Lectures on Revival by Charles Grandison Finney
2. Revival God's Way by Leonard Ravenhill
3. The Calvary Road by Roy Hession
4. J Edwin Orr's books on Revivals
5. History of the Moravians and Count Zinzendorf

Hope at least some of you will be satisfied with this list. Frankly, the order above is reversed; the 5th book is the most important, followed by Orr, Hession, Ravenhill & Finney.

I hope Mr Miccah will not find fault with this.

 2009/12/30 12:23

Joined: 2007/9/13
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SueMaria wrote,

I hope Mr Miccah will not find fault with this.

Since you are insisting to include me in your posts, I will respond.

Nope. I have no problem with the books you posted. I do have issues with your hypocrisy and un-Christ like attitude in your posts towards others on SI.

You said in a earlier post in this thread...

I didn't know that revival could be manufactured through techniques and strategies given in books. Guess it leaves no room for the sovereignty of the Holy Spirit.

You admonish another member in this thread and insinuate that they want to manufacture a revival, because they asked for books on revival. Then you go on and post 5 Godly books on revival that speak in a nut shell how those revivals came about. Do you not see your own hypocricy?


 2009/12/30 12:47Profile


Mr Miccah,
Thank you for not finding fault with the books I listed. Have I left out any of your favorites?

I guess you have a problem with the English language, my dear sir. You insist on attacking me, but I forgive you. You must be a foreigner in this land. As for me, I am a 'stranger & pilgrim' in this world.

And I walk in the footsteps of Abraham.

Be blessed.

 2009/12/30 18:42


SueMaria and procyon are the one and same poster.
He/she writes exactly alike and convey the
exact same spirit.

 2009/12/30 19:41

 Re: More Books on Revival

Some more books on Revival
1. When the Spirit's Fire Swept Korea by Jonathan Goforth.

This little booklet contains a first-hand account of the Korean revival of 1907 as experienced by Jonathan Goforth. It is a transcript of Mr. Goforth's last message preached on earth, after which he went to bed and woke up in heaven. It is said he never preached more powerfully. Jonathan Goforth was known all over China as the "Flaming Preacher," for he was so filled with the Holy Spirit.

2. The Great Revival in Ireland in 1859 by William Gibson

In 1859 a glorious wave of revival power swept over Ireland, such as had not been known there for centuries. It came in a time of spiritual dearth but also in answer to the earnest supplication of the few faithful saints whose hearts wept before the Lord because of the desolation of Zion.

3. The Awakening by Marie Monsen

The Awakening by Marie Monsen is an account of the revival that took place in China during the years 1927 to 1937. Miss Monsen, a missionary from Norway, was one of the pioneers of the revival movement. Leslie Lyall says that "her surgical skill in exposing the sins hidden within the Church and lurking behind the smiling exterior of many a trusted Christian--even many a trusted Christian leader--and her quiet insistence on a clear-cut experience of the new birth set the pattern for others to follow."

I will be coming up with more books on Revival.

 2009/12/30 22:03

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1."Another Daniel" written byJoshua Daniel

Can you tell me about this book? Searched amazon, but they don't have any reviews or info.


 2010/1/2 1:54Profile

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you can read excerpts of this book from the

 2010/1/2 3:56Profile

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Pacific Ocean


At one of the last revival conferences, David Legge talked about how we ought to be looking for [url=]"Gods New Thing,"[/url] that the next revivals we see will be done in a completely new fashion so we ought to be ready for it. Through this website I learned about Art Katz and started reading his books. The book "Apostolic Foundations," has within it, what I feel, to be ingredients for revival. In our day and age people need to get back to Apostolic Christianity and Brother Katz did an amazing job of helping to define what this is as well as deconstruct what it is not. I wrote a review for the book on my blog here.

I cannot recommend this book more, as I feel that it was all about a future revival. If you have a desire to serve God in any capacity this is a must read.

I also agree with an earlier poster that the book of Acts is essential.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

 2010/1/2 15:44Profile

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