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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Out of His Gourd or Dead Reckoning

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 Out of His Gourd or Dead Reckoning

Thunderous sound from the waves angry blow
Flatulent slap from Poseidon below
Demurrage fine for the Prophet astray
Justice denied is justice delayed
Such maelstrom issues – Joppa’s Coast beyond course
‘Tis Jonah on dogwatch - the cause & the source
Lascar’s one & all casting cargo & lots
Chaotic gyrations - bizarre looks without thoughts
The future did tell of Assyria’s plan
To kill and destroy every boy, girl & man
Warn that Great City – exhorted the LORD
You live & you die by that weapon – the sword
The salvo from portside - Jonah was launched
From the arms of his converts – baptized and then lost
Inhaled in an instant – Swallowed alive
Solitary confinement – in a jail that’s alive
Wreathing & writhing - contorted in pain
His spirit in palsy - ignominy & shame
The prayers from his shipmates ascended above
God’s buoyant Salvation descended by love
The Lord doeth provide for his wayfaring ones:
There’s Adam & Jacob & other prodigal sons
No prophet before could imagine this scene
Pandemonium did reign – with his spirit so lean
His entreaty did echo from the belly of hell
To serve to remind him to remember to tell
Wretched out on the beach naked and pale
His mission from God began to make sail
Confronting a people in the midst of their sin
& exhorting repentance lest they perish within
is not well received in most every case
Unless it’s of God - the right time & right place

 2004/10/3 1:15Profile

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 Re: Out of His Gourd or Dead Reckoning

Rooster, Did you write this? It's excellent. Love, Dian.

 2004/10/3 20:00Profile

Joined: 2003/6/14
Posts: 50


Thank you - Yes, I did write this poem; and I have written a few others, if you would like to read them just let me know.

 2004/10/3 20:58Profile

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I like it.

You have any shorter stuff suitable for CCM lyrics, that our praise band could creat an original with?

 2004/10/6 11:28Profile

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