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 Charles Spurgeon prophesied

There are many who claim to love Spurgeon but hold to a clear cessationsist point of view on miraculous gifts. Little do they know, that Spurgeon seen many miraculous manifestations in his ministry and viewed them as the blessing of God.

There have been times when I have preached, and have seen very similar things to what he describes here. Lord, send more! Oh, may the Lord restore Christ-like character, love, holiness, and power to the church with the return of the genuine gifts. Of course love is the greatest of all. But we are also told to desire (lit. in greek, "burn with zeal") for the best gifts.

I found this interesting, an account from Spurgeon himself:

“While preaching in the hall, on one occasion, I deliberately pointed to a man in the midst of the crowd, and said, ‘There is a man sitting there, who is a shoemaker; he keeps his shop open on Sundays, it was open last Sabbath morning, he took ninepence, and there was fourpence profit out of it; his soul is sold to Satan for fourpence!’ A city missionary, when going his rounds, met with this man, and seeing that he was reading one of my sermons, he asked the question, ‘Do you know Mr. Spurgeon?’ ‘Yes,’ replied the man, ‘I have every reason to know him, I have been to hear him; and, under his preaching, by God’s grace I have become a new creature in Christ Jesus. Shall I tell you how it happened? I went to the Music Hall, and took my seat in the middle of the place; Mr. Spurgeon looked at me as if he knew me, and in his sermon he pointed to me, and told the congregation that I was a shoemaker, and that I kept my shop open on Sundays; and I did, sir. I should not have minded that; but he also said that I took ninepence the Sunday before, and that there was fourpence profit out of it. I did take ninepence that day, and fourpence was just the profit; but how he should know that, I could not tell. Then it struck me that it was God who had spoken to my soul though him, so I shut up my shop the next Sunday. At first, I was afraid to go again to hear him, lest he should tell the people more about me; but afterwards I went, and the Lord met with me, and saved my soul.’”

Spurgeon then adds this comment:

“I could tell as many as a dozen similar cases in which I pointed at somebody in the hall without having the slightest knowledge of the person, or any idea that what I said was right, except that I believed I was moved by the Spirit to say it; and so striking has been my description, that the persons have gone away, and said to their friends, ‘Come, see a man that told me all things that ever I did; beyond a doubt, he must have been sent of God to my soul, or else he could not have described me so exactly.’ And not only so, but I have known many instances in which the thoughts of men have been revealed from the pulpit. I have sometimes seen persons nudge their neighbours with their elbow, because they had got a smart hit, and they have been heard to say, when they were going out, ‘The preacher told us just what we said to one another when we went in at the door’” (The Autobiography of Charles H. Spurgeon, [Curts & Jennings, 1899], Vol. II, pp. 226-227).

 2009/12/18 18:32

 Re: Charles Spurgeon prophesied

A nice read, thanks for sharing it.

 2009/12/18 19:32


Yes, thanks for bringing this to the forum.

 2009/12/18 19:38

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Very good.

Jimmy H

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Ohio USA


God is still all knowing and all powerful.


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 Re: Charles Spurgeon prophesied

That is awesome...I bet Art Katz would have loved this story.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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 Re: Charles Spurgeon prophesied

Praise God!I didn't know these facts from Spurgeon's ministry.Encouraging.


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Thank you for sharing!

I have found his Autobiography.
I'm not sure which file would be the best for printing, PDF or B/W PDF.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Vasile Filip

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Yes that was very good, thank you.

John Beechy

 2009/12/24 14:06Profile

 Re: Charles Spurgeon prophesied

Josef, keep up the good work. With Spurgeon on your side, you will never go wrong. But don't trust everyone recommended on the Internet. And keep 'searching the Scriptures' like a true Berean.

I wish I knew Spanish. I could have shared Christ with the poor Mexicans here in the USA. Dios te bendiga, amigo.

 2009/12/26 22:35

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