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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : The Healthcare Bill by Lou Engle

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 The Healthcare Bill by Lou Engle

The Healthcare Bill

Join Lou Engle, Tony Perkins, & other leaders for a LIVE nationwide video webcast prayer convocation on December 16th 2009 at 8:30pm EST.

National Healthcare System

On Friday, December 4th, I was awakened early in the morning with a burden to pray as I considered the consequences of abortion being mainstreamed into the national healthcare system if the senate healthcare bill is passed.

The Threshing Floor

I turned to 1 Chronicles 21 where the destroying angel was standing between heaven and earth with his sword drawn at the threshing floor of Ornan. David was commanded to erect an altar to restrain the angel of death. In obedience and repentance, he offered up burnt offerings with broken prayers and the Lord heard, the angel sheathed his sword, and the plague was ended.

God's Intervention

With all my heart I believe we have come to the point where the angel of death can be restrained on this new threshing floor, the floor of the Senate. If the Church, like David, will cry out in united urgency, God may intervene and restrain this healthcare bill that has tax-funded abortion at its very core.

An Esther Moment

Immediately I changed my plans that morning and flew to Washington DC to fast and pray for 3 days during the Senate debates. In what I believe was a divine appointment, I met with Tony Perkins and some of his staff. There we determined to call the nation to prayer for such a time as this, an Esther moment appealing to the throne of heaven to overrule the thrones of earth.

The Hyde Amendment

“Now we face not a military crisis but a moral one. Every day thousands of precious unborn lives are lost, and their mothers misused, by the abortion industry. While nearly 50 million unborn children have been destroyed since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, for three decades the Hyde Amendment has prevented federal dollars from going to pay for abortion except in cases of rape, incest and the life of the mother. That could be about to change.” (Read more of Tony Perkin’s letter at

A Pro-Life Shift

On December 16th, join TheCall To Conscience and the FRC Action for a LIVE nationwide video webcast prayer convocation. I believe this prayer gathering will be one of the most significant solemn assemblies I have ever been a part of. I believe that if this bill is defeated in the Senate the momentum both governmentally and socially could massively shift pro-life. Life and death hinge on this bill, and we believe that prayer alone can turn the vote on this most important piece of legislation we have seen in decades.

A Prayer Convocation

Join Tony Perkins and I for a LIVE nationwide video webcast prayer convocation before our holy and omnipotent God. We will be joined by key leaders, including U.S. Senators Sam Brownback of Kansas, Jim DeMint of South Carolina, Congresswomen Mary Fallin of Oklahoma, Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota, Bishop Harry Jackson, Congressman Randy Forbes, and Dr. Jim Garlow.

Lou Engle
President, The Call to Conscience

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TheCall to Conscience, 1776 I Street STE 900, Washington D.C. 20006

 2009/12/11 12:57

 Re: Crisis on the Senate Floor by Lou Engle

Crisis on the Senate Floor by Lou Engle

Join TheCall to Conscience for a three day Esther fast, December 13th - December 15th 2009, petitioning God for a shift in public policy.

National Healthcare System

Recently, I sent an E-Blast with Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council, calling the nation to join an urgent national webcast prayer convocation to ask God to restrain federally funded abortion in the healthcare system. On that E-Blast I wrote:

On Friday, December 4th, I was awakened early in the morning with a burden to pray, as I considered the consequences of abortion being mainstreamed into the national healthcare system if the senate healthcare bill is passed as it is right now.

I turned to 1 Chronicles 21 where the destroying angel had come to the threshing floor of Ornan. God, in his heart of mercy, restrained the angel of death, saying, “Enough! Restrain your hand.” The angel of death still hovered between heaven and earth with its sword drawn. Even with God’s restraint, the verdict was still in the balance as to whether or not the death march would continue. An earth being, namely David, had to agree with God’s restraint through repentance, paying the full price, and offering up the atoning blood. When David went up to the threshing floor in repentance and erected the altar and offered the sacrifice, God heeded the prayers and the angel of death sheathed its sword.

The Threshing Floor

I believe we have come to the high water mark of the pro-abortion movement in America. At the same time, the nation is shifting dramatically pro-life. The angel of abortion and this plague of death has come to the Senate threshing floor and I believe that God is seeking to restrain it now, but intercessors on the earth must agree with him. But, at this critical moment, a last ditch plot has been hatched to forever seal abortion into the life and soul of our nation.

Choose Life or Death

Possibly in the next week the Senate will “choose life or death” as Senator Sam Brownback proclaimed on the Senate floor during the abortion debate. If this Bill is passed as is, abortion will proliferate in America because of its availability and low costs. Much of the pro-life efforts since 1973 and many of the legal victories restraining abortion will basically be annulled or turned back. There will be no recovery from this defeat until a major Senate shift takes place and 60 votes are garnered to reverse this legislation. This could take decades or may never take place in our lifetime. In the mean time, bloodguilt is heaped up and the lives of babies and mothers are killed and shattered.

Demanding a Miracle

Brothers and sisters, I don’t know if we can comprehend the urgency and the implications of this moment. Many of our lives may not be immediately affected and therefore we can carry on as usual and be lulled into a false peace. It is only the oppressed and those about to die that demand a miracle. Maybe it is time we think generationally and not selfishly, and take responsibility for the life and times we have been thrust into.

Hinge of History

When the angel of death was at the doorstep of the Jews in Persia, Esther was brought to a defining moment in her life. She could choose silence and self-preservation or risk everything to be the hinge of history. The moment was so desperate that she called the whole Jewish nation to a no food and no water three day fast. Only imminent death creates such desperation. I actually feel we are at such a moment now.

Call for Desperate Prayer

The last thing that I want to do is to call people to fast again. We get weary of these things. But, as I talked to my wife today I said, “I would hate to have been given a position of influence to call for desperate prayer, and not do it, because its Christmas time and its not expedient.” The spirit of Herod is lurking again at the time of the birth of Jesus.

Shift Public Policy

Therefore, we are calling for a three-day fast in whatever small sphere we have. These three days will be prior to the national webcast prayer convocation with FRCAction. To whose ever hearts are stirred, fast these three days as the Lord leads and dare to believe the God of Esther can give some Senators sleepless nights and shift this public policy of death in such a time as this.

Stonewall for Life

Pray that Senator Ben Nelson will stand like a stonewall for life. Pray for a “Democratic coalition for life” to stand firm. Pray for the influence of the Kingdom over Blanche Lincoln, Joe Lieberman, Susan Collins, and Olympia Snow. Lift up the victory of the cross over this whole Senate decision. Let us believe that the angel of death will sheath its sword in this moment in American history.

Lou Engle
President, The Call to Conscience

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TheCall to Conscience, 1776 I Street STE 900, Washington D.C. 20006

 2009/12/12 19:08


Urgent Update on Healthcare Bill

Everyone’s desire is that the 30 million uninsured in America have access to affordable healthcare. However, this cannot be done at the expense of innocent pre-born children. Abortion is not healthcare. It kills infants and wounds women; and no American citizen should have to pay for it. Let millions of federal dollars be released to faith-based initiatives and charities that assist unwed mothers and fund adoption services.

A Great Compromise

Sen. Bob Casey’s amendment and Sen. Ben Nelson’s compromise are totally unacceptable. Both keep the door open for federally funded abortions. The Bible reminds us in Ezekiel 22 that God decries the political and religious alliance that promotes and legalizes the shedding of innocent blood. Many believed that Senator Nelson would be the man that would “stand in the gap” for the innocent. Instead of this being Nelson’s Great Stand, it became Nelson’s Unjust Compromise as he sold out American children for more money for Nebraska. No true pro-life leader can ever compromise on life. Ezekiel 22:12-13 says, “In you they take bribes to shed blood; you take usury and increase; you have made profit from your neighbors by extortion, and have forgotten Me, says the Lord GOD.”

The Great Social Problem

The people of Nebraska and the rest of the country will not forget these actions. The shedding of the blood can never be a solution to the great social problems of our day. We reject and renounce Casey’s and Nelson’s compromised amendments, as well as the compromised statements of support for them by so-called Evangelical Leaders, who cling to the weak and absurd argument that this bill will lessen the number of abortions. What federally funded healthcare will do is make abortion readily accessible and significantly less expensive.

We call all pro-life leaders and citizens to stand unflinchingly against this historic legislation and this great injustice of our day.

Lou Engle
President, TheCall to Conscience

 2009/12/22 16:45

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