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 thanks for being here, wish I'd known sooner

I'm a Texas woman, born and raised, hence the name bluebonnet. Plus I think they are beautiful, hearty flowers.
I'm so grateful for this community & these sermons. I had asked someone if they had heard of Milt Green. They said no. Somehow I got on sermonindex and there was his preaching. Took me back 20 something years ago when I attended some of those meetings.
I've been listening for a short while and have tried to share some of these sermons and some featured sermons with no response. Feel like I'm not connecting. My ladies group only wants to hear "positive" and I feel like a toad sitting there sometimes (least I get those kind of looks, and see their scurried looks betwixt each other) and the topic jumps to "positive" like trying to avoid a plague. I know I can get negative @ times, but I also know I embrace all of life and it isn't always positive. Might as well mark out some of the Psalms if that's the case. Just get out your scissors and cut that part out. My peace isn't about always looking for the good. It's about my mind being stayed on my Jesus in trials and tribulations, rain or shine, particularly when it seems like it's unraveling (inside or out or both), and wrestling on through with Him.
Like I read in another post, I don't understand URL, IMG, and some of this posting, threading stuff, but I reckon I'll learn.

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 Re: thanks for being here, wish I'd known sooner

Welcome to you, Bluebonnet!! There are lessons
to be learned in the most trying of times; and
the lesson is this: GOD'S grace is so much
greater than our circumstances or situation !! ;-)

Martin G. Smith

 2009/12/10 17:12Profile

 Re: thanks for being here, wish I'd known sooner

I reckon you will learn bluebonnet. Welcome to the site. You are right on about poeple not wanting to hear the whole Word of God, just whatever makes them feel good........Frank

 2009/12/10 17:13

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Welcome! :-)

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 Re: thanks for being here, wish I'd known sooner

but I reckon I'll learn.

I read your post with a southern twang, it seemed fitting.

Welcome to the forum, love your spirit already. Straight forward and to the point.

 2009/12/10 19:15

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