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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Help to find book Yorrie Richards recomended

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 Help to find book Yorrie Richards recomended

At Wales, during the Q&A, Yorrie Richards recommended a book he said "I am never without."

[b]The Incomparable Christ by Iva Procers [/b] (spelling is as it sounded and may be wrong)

He said it is out of print. I have searched libraries, many book sites (those recommended on the "site suggestion" thread) including "rare" "out of print" sites. I did not find it.

Can anyone help?

I would be willing to type out, for this site, a copy of this (if copyright laws say ok to). Could Mr. Richards be persuaded to make one photocopy? Could that be scanned?

Could Mr. Richards be persuaded to give more specifics like publication date, ISBN for Library search, publisher, etc.?

Did anyone at the conference look at the book? Get anymore information on it.

Thanks for any help.

 2009/12/1 15:57Profile

 Re: Help to find book Yorrie Richards recomended

This may be it.

 2009/12/1 16:10

 Re: Help to find book Yorrie Richards recomended

Hi Joan

Can you give us the recording link and at what point can the quote be heard at? Perhaps another set of ears can detect more of the first and last name of the author, as there are several book authors with that same title. I am wondering if the last name is Prossers.


 2009/12/1 16:38

Joined: 2008/4/7
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 Re: Book

Thanks for looking. That one was by Stott. It seems that many have used that phrase for a title or in a title (Chambers, Simmons, etc.). Perhaps this is the only book Procers wrote and it was published by one who soon went out of business. (a book from God just for Yorrie? 8-) )

Author searches bring nothing (tried a UK book site) so the name may be spelled wrong.

EDIT: On the "conference download" link (top of left column of all SI pages), select Wales, then select Qusetion Answer Panel. It is the last question asked (or near last, "Books you suggest?"). Sorry my downloads have no time markers on SI and the button does not progress across the screen.

This link might work: [url=]Q & A[/url]

or this: [url=]scroll down[/url]

Conference videos accessed from SI site do not transfer their data to my computer. The YouTube site, which has time progression for me, does not yet have the Question Answer Panel video. Here is that link in case others have trouble with video downloads: [url=]Site[/url]

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It sounds like he is saying, "Iva Prosser".

Does he have an email address or snail mail that one could write to him to see if the book can be re published after 60 years it should be considered Public Domain unless someone holds the copyrights?

 2009/12/4 21:06

Joined: 2008/4/7
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 Re: Fount it

Here is the information on the book Yorrie Richards values so as he mentioned at the conference:

[b]"The Pre-Eminence of Christ" by Ivor Rosser.[/b]
Published in 1969 by the Author, and printed by Crown Printers Morriston. Swansea Glamorgan. It is 155 pages and has sections including The Logos. Alpha and Omega. Eikon. The Divine Prototokos. The Divine despot. Jehovah's Servant. The Archegos. God's High Priest. The Bright Morning Star.

I found three copies on the web. There is one left on a site that had two and it can be found [url=]HERE[/url]. I ordered from [url=]ANOTHER SITE[/url]. They were very responsive to my emails and they may even keep an eye out for other copies. I payed 6.00 for the book and 10.00 to ship. ($26.US)

I also found a website that [u]may be planning to put this on line[/u] for free reading. [url=]They are HERE[/url] Look under the Resource category labeled "Apostolic Church Teachings." It is fourth from the bottom. I sent them an email (no response yet. Looks like they are in process). Maybe someone who lives near this church could encourage/help them get it posted. Can't tell which country.

I am looking forward to beginning a long, slow read this Christmas time.

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 Re: The pre-Eminence of Christ

Hi there,

I attended the conference in Wales in 2009 and was there when Yorrie Richards gave his sermon.

I was really intrigued that someone such as he who preaches so passionately would treasure such a book.

I have also tried to get hold of the book he mentioned. Looking at your blog from Dec 09 you speak of finding or getting a copy. Is that right?

The church who might be posting it online is in Stoke on Trent in England. I emailed them too without a response.

Are you in possession of a copy?

I really would be interested to getting a copy of it for my personal reading only.

If you can help that would be great.

 2010/8/2 6:10Profile

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