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 Holy Spirit vs. Conscience

I wanted to see the wonderful insight of the people at sermonindex on the subject of the difference between the Holy Spirit and the Conscience? I know that I have very little discernment between the two. I believe many Christians also have little discernment of the difference.

So please share your thought with everyone. I am sure that i will be amazed with the insight of everyone.

Adam Fell

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 Re: Holy Spirit vs. Conscience

I'm a bit confused by your question, the Holy Spirit is a part of the Trinity, the conscience is the gateway to man's spirit, the differences are endless.

If it's insight you want then I don't think much more insight can be found on the subject of the conscience then what Watchman Nee has written on it in [i]The Spiritual Man[/i]. Lars has just recently posted the chapter concerning the conscience at the following link, it is a great read;

[url=]The Spiritual Man - Conscience[/url]

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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 Re: Holy Spirit vs. Conscience

I just wanted to put my two cents in this section on the Spirit and the conscience. The Holy Spirit does not change. The conscience which means in laymen's terms 'with knowledge.' So in this light of the definition of the conscience we see that it has to do with knowledge either imparted from outside sources or internal sources. So the conscience is able to give us knowledge of good and evil. This is an extroardinary gift that God gives to us. But the only thing is that the conscience has no standard but it's knowledge and can change according to will and knowledge that a person has. It tells us that the conscience can be 'seared.' It can change! But the Holy Spirit does not change. The Spirit is totally needed and absolutely necessary for the conviction of sinners and their conversion because their conscience can be seared. So the Spirit won't change the standard that can change by the conscience. That's why we have so much relativism because we have left the Spirit out. So the Spirit is the external standard of holiness in the sinner as well as the saint.


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 Re: Holy Spirit vs. Conscience

The 1st thing I try to remember is that "my conscience", like every other part of me, has been contaminated by the fall & is therefore unreliable. So, I put NO confidence in the flesh, which includes "my conscience".
Secondly, I try to remember that the Spirit in my heart never contradicts the Spirit in the WORD. In other words, "my conscience" better line up with the Word of God.
***The Holy Spirit intercedes for us in our hearts - while Christ intercedes for us in heaven. The Spirit maketh intercession in the soul like a "God wrestling with a God". Israel: the name conferred on Jacob after the great prayer-wrestling match @ Peniel (Gen 32:28) - because "as a prince he had power with God and prevailed." We must wrestle with God, as those that know how to value the blessing, and will have “no nay”. God’s praying people are told to give him no rest - (Isa. 62:6)- "...Shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the LORD, keep not silence, and give him no rest"... The Holy Spirit knows how to inspire a wrestling match!
The Holy Spirit is:
The "Co-Regent" of the Conscience: John 16.7
The Conscience Renewer: Romans: 12.2
The Conscience Washer: Titus 3.5
Quench not
Grieve not

***The name "Gethsemane” comes from the Hebrew "Gat Shmanim" - meaning, "oil press". Since "OIL" is used in the Bible to symbolize the Holy Spirit, it may be said that the garden is where "the Spirit of God was crushed"***
In conclusion - The two work together or work against one another.

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