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 Granite Soapboxes

Devotional: “Soapbox”: Definition: “A temporary platform used while making an impromptu or nonofficial public speech. To engage in impromptu or nonofficial public speaking, often flamboyantly. Speaking one's views passionately.”

In this instance, our platform is eternal while being “permanent” here on Earth. Faith is a constant journey, not a completed destination. While we who know CHRIST have the peace of eternal life’s promise, still we stumble and fall. This happens because we place an earthly, supplemental faith next to the faith we have in HIM. As such, we fall. So, the platform or “soapbox” we must stand on…cannot have any worldly substance to it. On CHRIST alone – the solid ROCK – we must stand!! For by standing and preaching aloud, we also remind ourselves…as well. Amen and amen!

“On CHRIST, the solid ROCK I stand…”

Granite Soapboxes

As in the garden, the flesh has discarded
HIS message regardless
the consequence – pending.
Relentlessly fighting HIS truths found in writing
whilst – constant abiding –
outside of HIS will.

And those who are left, who chose GOD for their rest,
yet – Sin’s pathways – select...
far more often than thought.
Caught up in the lies which despise sacrifice
so we’ve all fallen short.

But the Good News to you comes with Mercy – renewed –
for HIS WORD is the Truth…
which confuses our foes!
So! Go preach with fire from the ROCK which stands higher
than every desire
your flesh knows and loves.

As HIServant in your service,
W.V.W. Jasnoch 11/23/09 All rights reserved


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