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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : The Miracles of Christ

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 The Miracles of Christ

1....Water turned into wine. John 2:6-10.
2....Nobleman's son healed. John 4:46-53.
3....Centurion's servant healed. Matt 9:5-13.
4....Draughts of fish. Lu 5:4-6;John 21:6.
5....Devils cast out.Matt 8:28-32;9:32,33;15:22-28;17:14-18;Mk 1:23-27.
6....Peter's wife's mother healed. Matt 8:14,15.
7....Lepers cleansed. Matt 8:3;Lu 17:14.
8....Paralytic healed. Mk 2:3-12.
9....Withered hand restored. Matt 12:10-13.
10..Impotent man healed. John 5:5-9.
11..The dead raised to life. Matt 9:18;Lu 7:12-15;John 11:11-44.
12..Issue of blood stopped. Matt 9:20-22.
13..The blind restored to sight. Matt 9:27-30;Mk 8:22-25;John 9:1-7.
14..The deaf and mute healed. Mk 7:32-35.
15..The multitude fed. Matt 14:15-21;15:32-38.
16..Jesus walking on the sea. Matt 14:25-27.
17..Peter walking on the sea. Matt 14;29.
18...Tempest stilled. Matt 8:23-26;14:32.
19...Sudden arrival of the ship. John 6:21.
20...Tribute money. Matt 17:27.
21...Woman healed of infirmity. Lu 13:11-13.
22...Dropsy cured. Lu 14:2-4.
23...Fig tree blighted. Matt 21:19.
24...Malchus healed. Lu 22:50,51.
25...Performed before the messengers of John. Lu 7:21,22.
26...Many and diverse diseases healed. Matt 4:23,24;14:14;15:30;Mk 1:34;Lu 6:17-19.
27...Jesus's transfiguration. Matt 17:1-8.
28...His resurrection. Lu 24:6;John 10:18.
29...His appearance to the disciples, the door being shut. John 20:19.
30...His ascension. Acts 1:9.
31...Creation. John 1:3.

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