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 British Couple Held by Pirates Fear They Will be Killed
Pray for this couple!!

Paul and Rachel Chandler were kidnapped by pirates on Oct. 22, who seized their 38-foot yacht — the Lynn Rival.

In an interview with Britain's Channel 4 news program, the Chandlers are seen surrounded by armed men, some of whom have their guns pointed directly at the retired couple.

"I have no doubt that they will not hesitate to kill us in a week or so from now," Paul Chandler, 59, said in the interview, filmed by a Channel 4 crew on Wednesday.

Britain's ITN — which produces Channel 4 News — said the Chandlers and their relatives had agreed that the footage, the first of the couple since their capture, could be aired.

Pirates have demanded $7 million to release the Chandlers, but Britain's government insists it won't pay ransoms to kidnappers.

"We are under threat and we are told that we will not be fed and given water, so we are very concerned about the future," Rachel Chandler, 55, said in the video.

Alan Taylor

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 Re: British Couple Held by Pirates Fear They Will be Killed

I am curious, Alan, do you think a ransom should ever be paid to kidnappers? This is a general question, not referring to the Chandlers' situation.


Sandra Miller

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It is impossible for me to read this account without thinking of how these people willingly placed themselves in harms way (tempting God?). In their 38 foot yacht with all their visible comforts and security they sailed past Godless people who live in utter desolation. This is in no way a justification for the actions of the terrorists (I refuse to call them pirates) just that it seems they are reaping the rewards of their freewheeling living.

If their traveling that direction was necessary in their work for spreading God's word I believe God would have bestowed good providence on their trip. Lord willing He will allow them to see this and live to walk in His ways.

Do any of you have any idea how much a 38 foot yacht costs, or how much it costs to maintain that lifestyle? It is not a humble life.

I am sure they are frightened, they have every reason to be. If God spares them it will be for His glory and honor.

white stone


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 Re: British Couple Held by Pirates Fear They Will be Killed

Surely the Lord finds out the hearts.

What you said, White Stone, pretty much sums up what I'd thought. The pirates might have got more if they'd kept the yacht.

Historically, the British government has kept its word, to not pay ransoms for everyone. We don't know if money is ever involved in the release of those who are freed.

This stands in contrast to other governments (notably the French), who negotiate with a view to paying [i]something[/i], to bring back their citizens alive.

It's really difficult to know just how this works, or doesn't work. Ordinary people have to go by the media reports, and there is a huge number of people from the UK alone, who go missing every year, never to be seen or heard of again, from adults to children.

Obviously, the Chandlers come from a generation who expected to work hard and enjoy their retirement. I don't know if they would call themselves 'Christian'. Secularism is very big over here.

 2009/11/22 8:20

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