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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Paul Washer live at the revival confernece in 10 minutes!

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 Paul Washer live at the revival confernece in 10 minutes!


Paul washer will be speaking very soon at the revival conference here. Tune in and tell others:

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Paul Washer live at the revival confernece in 10 minutes!

Pray for him!

Sam Yoon

 2009/11/13 14:22Profile


He suddenly went off the air, wasn't finished preaching, man that was good stuff though.

 2009/11/13 15:54

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want time does the conference start and is paul preaching again today.

John Beechy

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Greetings Greg

I would very much liked to have heard Paul Washers teaching but I had to take my sick son to the doctor. I look forward to when you are able to post it here on Sermon index. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

God Bless

 2009/11/13 17:21Profile


Mary Jane it was a great message, filled with interesting nuggets of truth. A lot of information given that really sets the record straight on God being so holy and man being so sinful. He brings out the redemption of man in detail so that know one can miss it. I'd like to hear it again. He makes a few mind blowing statements that makes you think. There is a difference in knowing truth and know the Truth.

Be Blessed

 2009/11/13 17:28

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Arrrgh! I missed it! :-(

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