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 A question about Paul Washer?

This is a question about Paul Washer. Not so much about him specifically, but more generally a question aiming at sincerity, transparency, and honesty for the sake of objectiveness which leads to soundness. Here is what I am wondering and have been pondering and would like to hear your thoughts on it. This is also not to be demeaning or something, but more so for the motive of the aforementioned just to be clear. Many hold Paul in high honor. I think he is a disciple of Jesus, but I am not sure if he should be held as high as he is. I think that often Christians want so badly to be encouraged that they falsely place men on pedestals because they want to. They are so wanting of encouragement that they try to find it unhealthily sometimes in men because they lack depth in God. The thought is this. That Paul is indeed a disciple of Jesus and even an Elder. However, it would seem to me possibly that there are many men like him. The only difference being that they are not preaching on a large platform amidst a large denomination. That often many on fire men of God will not tie themselves to lukewarm organizations which carry large numbers. Yet, because Paul has he is therefore honored yet men of God who are under the pop radar go unnoticed. For instance why so much mention of men like Paul, but none of Pastors in North Korea or the like. Or the Pastor with a strong group of believers going hard after God yet not large in numbers or having large media organizations with HD videos and Apple Computers with Final Cut. The same question may go for another man by the name of Francis Chan. He seems to preach a hard message sort of though I am not sure if it is as complete or solid as Paul's. Yet, it would seem that his congregation was built largely on lukewarm emergent type things. He goes to one of the richest communities in the world, has a big stages with light and props, cracks jokes and carries a celebrity like personality, and has bands like David Crowder and others. So, though he seems to want to be moving toward something Apostolic it all seems to be built and founded on fleshly means. So, possibly once you build something like that many goats enter and the motive for all being there is false so they will never truly change to a true vision and manifestation of the Church nor will the Lord honor it. These are just some thoughts of mine and I would like to hear from others what they think and not to be critical but just to see truth for life. So, again, the question is, do we raise men like Paul and others up because they have a stage in a lukewarm organizations, and are there false foundations which will hinder anything true from ever coming forth from it? I am wrestling with these things and would like to understand more and also not be extreme if I am, thanks...

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 Re: A question about Paul Washer?

If the man places eyes on himself, run. If he places eyes on Jesus, embrace. In my view, Paul always places eyes on Jesus.

One thing you may want to try, is to contact brother Paul via email. From my understanding, he tries to answer inquires that are sent to him.


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 Re: A question about Paul Washer?

[url=]Interview with Paul Washer[/url]

This might give some insight into his heart and why he does what he does.

Sam Yoon

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 Re: A question about Paul Washer?

John 21: 20-22

Then Peter, turning about, seeth the disciple whom Jesus loved following; which also leaned on his breast at supper, and said, Lord, which is he that betrayeth thee? Peter seeing him saith to Jesus, Lord, and what [shall] this man [do]? Jesus saith unto him, If I will that he tarry till I come,[b] what [is that] to thee? follow thou me [/b].

What is that to thee Anonymity?

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from my understanding paul washer did not start big at all, but when he came back from peru he had a few invites at churches or conferences and spoke so radically different than everyone else that some people began to say deep within their souls as christians this is true, why has this been missing for so long, finally it all makes sense and he probably started to get invited more and more. I am guessing too. Also know that this is a complete work of God himself, the Lord has used him mightily, look at it as God purposing all of this.Check out this sermon he spoke at this place to it seems a pretty big group and it was like a huge rebuke and these people seemed silent as all can be, he does everything for the Lord and it seems he could care less what men think at all.

John Beechy

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 Re: A question about Paul Washer?

Many hold Paul in high honor. I think he is a disciple of Jesus, but I am not sure if he should be held as high as he is.

Hard to tell "how high" someone else is holding another.

There may be several on this forum, or even in small circles within modern Christianity, that receive and accept his message, but for the most part I would say Paul Washer is hated by the world and "professing Christians."

Just my 2 cents.


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People listen to Paul Washer for encouragement? Really? I find his message to be a hard pill to swallow... but a pill that must be swallowed.

People get up and walk out of his sermons because they can not "handle the truth". If he was insincere... it would bother him.

Washer is a man. We should not put him on a pedastal. Agreed... but from what I know of him he takes an awful lot of heat for the message he preaches, and if he were about being accepted and wanting people to like him... he would preach a different message.


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For instance why so much mention of men like Paul, but none of Pastors in North Korea or the like. Or the Pastor with a strong group of believers going hard after God yet not large in numbers or having large media organizations with HD videos and Apple Computers with Final Cut.

For the fellow in North Korea, the media is controlled by the state. If you mentioned an Apple Computer to a North Korean, they'd probably think it's a new type of Apple to eat.

We could say the same thing about the New Testament Church. Paul had the Digital Parchments and he was the spokesman for practically the whole of the New Testament, but where were the other Apostles? It's not important! The bigger you are the worse of a position your in. "To whom much is given much is required".

It's actually better that few proclaim vocally, and are made known to the world then those who are mingled within the world being a light. The purpose of the John the Baptists, the Paul's, Peter's etc. is that they stir up the people, they bring in the masses, but it's us who take in the masses. Washer drops the seed, and we watch it grow. He doesn't have the time to watch it grow, he moves on to another field. We are left to tend the field, to encourage the seed to grow. Jesus never had a concern for the sowing of the seed, it was the lack of labourers to bring in the crop. We know this to be true in our day, all kinds of preachers sowing the seed, very few labourers to help out.

Paul is known, Carter Conlon is known to the religious world. They have a target that they can pursue, but they don't see you or I. When Jesus was proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom, the Pharisees kept their eyes on Him. When Jesus ascended into heaven the attention were now on the Apostles. They became outspoken, they were now the target. But to the one's who are not outspoken like you and I, we are more dangerous because we can get to places that these men cannot and bring more people to the crusade.

Ephesians 3:13 Wherefore I desire that ye faint not at my tribulations for you, which is your glory.

Notice how Paul doesn't say, "our tribulations", he says "My tribulations". He is hazarding his life for the Church. He is the one who is being whipped and thrashed because he is the one who is outspoken and called to protect the body of Christ to draw the religious focus from off the Church and unto himself.

Paul Washer is in a dangerous position looking out for you and I. It's a calling. And this is his.

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 Re: A question about Paul Washer?

Don't waste your time/life brother... follow the "other" Paul's example:
Php 1:18 What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice

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 Re: A question about Paul Washer?

Putting preachers on a pedestal...if you were to ask for a show of hands who has done this, I would have to put mine up and it would have to be the most obvious...

My grandfather was a preacher, and a very good one, IMHO. His style is/was very similar to Washer's. I just about worshiped that grandparent. He always took an interest in me and he was a lot of fun! He loved to tease me and I loved to laugh! As I grew older the teasing reflected my maturity although there was one joke he still liked to ask which got more ridiculous the older I got hence it got funnier. Others would wonder "what is so funny about that?" Well, you don't have the years behind you to give it its humor. Anyhow, I loved this man.

Grandfather loved the LORD and when I visited in his home we would discuss theology, Bible until wee hours. Yes, he was on a very high pedestal, in my opinion - there was just no one that could match his greatness. But one day that pedestal broke and like Humpty - dumpty he came crashing down. And he broke in many pieces.

My affection blinded me to his faults. Or, what is more likely, I was ignorant of them. I did not hear, nor see them. I was devastated but I did not stay there long. I saw I had esteemed, elevated him too highly. He was a man, a human and my grandfather - his daughter was my mother...and for some reason his greatness was not passed genetically on to his off-spring! Woe is us!

I learned he needed a Savior just like the rest of us. Grandfather still had the old nature to deal with and it was as he said - the older you get the harder the devil works to destroy you because he knows his time with you is rapidly drawing to a close. Grandfather said this often. There were very few sermons that he did not mention this.

May I say that there are many preachers who may not be as well known as Washer, but they are serving the LORD faithfully in the vineyard God has placed them. And if we were to know Washer on the personal level, we would likely place him down on the same level as we are because he is a human being, too. After I placed my grandfather there my appreciation went in another, more godly direction and for this I am grateful.

While I appreciate Washer's ministry, I suspect that since he is affiliated with the Southern Baptist and me of a totally different church, I wonder how well he would fit in with us. This I do not know and I do not have to know. God seems to have given him a message and his faithfulness to that task is what counts. Washer has to answer to God as do we. And we have our own devils to battle without trying to borrow other people's. In the meantime, when the Holy Spirit prompts you you should pray for him and other church leaders so they will remain faithful. You think you have it hard, they have it harder still.

Hope this testimony will help...


Sandra Miller

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