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 Veterans Day Thank You

Thank you to all you veterans of American armed forces. Without you none of us would be able to post our points of view on forums like this.

A special thank you to anyone currently serving in armed forces who may be reading this. Whether you are home or abroad... thank you. Thank you for what you do, and for your sacrifices.

I love and cherish each and every one of you.

I salute you all.

And to my brothers and sisters who were, or are, members of the greatest outfit (other than the church!)... [b]SEMPER FI[/b]!


 2009/11/11 7:45

 Re: Veterans Day Thank You

Semper Fi

 2009/11/11 7:48

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 Re: Veterans Day Thank You

A member of my fellowship regularly creates a video shown in our church for Veteran’s Day that honors the military associated with with us: present active members, retired members, and those who have passed on.

This is the first one he has done omitting a wonderful variety of "in service" photos of congregation members both formal and in the field. I have one picture of my shirtless skinny brother, singing his heart out (Amazing Grace) in front of the orphanage in Viet Nam he and others made from their pay.

Krispy you will like this and the creator (Kieth) would share with anyone who would want to do something like this in their fellowship.

[url=]A 40MB file[/url]

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VCU @ Richmond, VA


Much gratitude.

Sam Yoon

 2009/11/11 12:41Profile

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Definitely much thanks for the veterans! May God bless them.


 2009/11/11 18:53Profile

 Re: Veterans Day Thank You

Me too.

"And to my brothers and sisters who were, or are, members of the greatest outfit (other than the church!)... SEMPER FI!" Krispy..

I enlisted at 17 and served with the 26th Marines, 1st marine division in Viet Nam . I earned the purple heart, and our unit the CROSS OF GALLANTRY, [ only because we were so chewed up...]. I am disabled from combat related afflictions, and compensated by the VA for them.

I lost one of my two brothers, who was killed in uniform in 1970.

My father served in WW2, in the USN, and was 100% disabled due to combat related injuries.

My only son is currently deployed to IRAQ, serving in the US army on his 2nd tour there.[first one 15 months...]

I am grateful for the freedom to openly worship Jesus in this country. Most do not understand that there is a cost to defend this liberty. However, I respect the "conscientious objector", if real, and honor the banner of the CROSS more than old Glory. My citizenship is in Heaven.

I have travelled to several countries that have not enjoyed the prosperity, judicial equality, and freedom, or blessing that we so often take for granted. It is such a shame to see it taken away, and watch our slide into moral depravity; decay.

I fear that we will not repent as a Nation, and reap the WHIRLWIND...IT SURE LOOKS THAT WAY.

 2009/11/17 1:18

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