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HeartSong wrote:
Maybe you could do something like a post limit, say only 20 posts a week until you have 200 posts under your belt.

This would have taken out hmmhmm when he first came on board. He was posting article after article - just like a happy little bee. Every time I came on he was everywhere.

Does not anyone think that the Lord is in control here? This all reminds me of Animal Farm somehow...

He sure did :-D i was happy with this find the Lord has showed me and i was in a season in my life where i could read several hours a day. and was very eager to share what blessed me. Many may be "frustrated" with what is lacking with SI, with the great freedom comes great responsibility, and a forum like this, you have all sort of believers and maybe unbelievers as well, from fresh newborns to older and wiser. There will be much that perhaps we could be better without, but also we should be graceful to allow people to grow and mature.

Anyway, i think it shows something good that people have ideas to make SI a better place, but perhaps any ideas should be forwarded to the moderators and specifically Greg since it is his forum.

maybe the 20 post a week would have been a good one, i dont know. the fact is SI is getting more "famous" and have more and more visitors, this is good and bad at the same time. Its good so much of this material spreads to more people, but also you will get more people that may "stir" up things. But we need i think to see to ourselves, we can always speak the truth in love and humility to all.

Every situation in life is a test, and i am convinced every thread we enter into also is just as much a test in how we speak and approach other people, dead wrong in their theology or arguments etc.

We have these people all over our world and God did not save us out of the world but that we would not be of the world. So our post pherhaps should be spices with a pinch of more salt.

Another idea would perhaps to get more moderators? that are mature in their walk and have time to participate more in the threads. The three we have do a great job, but all of them have a life outside SI also, work and family and other personal things.But again these things are for them to decide and pray about.

And just as scripture says, the great falling away must take place first, and we will notice it everywhere, even here i am afraid.


 2009/11/13 12:23Profile


shame shame double shame! :-P

 2009/11/13 12:23


Does not anyone think that the Lord is in control here?

The Holy Ghost is liken unto Rain.

When it does rain it gets pretty messy and we don't like being out in it. Is the Holy Ghost in that? Sure is! Just because something doesn't look all rosey and sweet doesn't mean that God is not in it. After the Rain, the Sun comes out and straightens everything out again. The branches that sagged low because of the heavy rains are now lifting their bows up toward heaven.

The promise that says, "All things work together to them that love God and are the called according to His purpose", means that even though things look messy, "I am in your midst, and am bringing about the good, so that you can have an expected end".

 2009/11/13 12:30

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