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 Re: Live Webcast Of Scotland Crusade w/ Carter Conlon

The third live webcast from Greenock is now in progress; still singing in the lead up to Carter Conlon's preaching.

If you are normally at your home church when the Times Square service goes out on a Sunday, this is a good opportunity for you to see what you're missing! :-o

It's very real fellowship in the Spirit, wherever you are in the world.

 2009/11/12 14:27

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 Re: Dead men rise

This evening's service included two testimonies (a woman's and a man's)from members of tsc freed from lives [b]at least as dispirit[/b] as those in Greenock. The testimonies removed obstacles to hearing the call/Word of God. Great stones like it's too late, I prayed before, other's prayed and called out for you to come, etc.

Carter's message was from John 11 (raising dead men). He had asked everyone yesterday to bring all the dead people they knew to this evangelistic service. He shared how BOTH Mary and Martha greeted Jesus with "if you had been here..." and the bible scripture they knew ....yet BOTH were in unbelief that He IS the resurrection, right there, right now. Piercing points like dead men do stink in their drunken foul prostituted state to themselves and to others including those that will touch them, care for them, help wash them in new life.

Many came forward and I believe the message also ministered to those in Greenock that will care for them in follow-up.

Our Appolus was spotted by some in the front row and he followed some to minister.

May God make space for the testimony of those that met God in these days at Greenock. May He firmly hide tsc behind the cross.

 2009/11/12 16:39Profile

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