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 A reminder on Heresy

Hi everyone.

I want to mention something that I have put forward before several times becuase I believe that it is important and also I hope that it will be presently helpfull. Especially for others who may be currently troubled.

[b]About Heresy[/b],

According to Strong's Greek Dictionary, the word that is translated heresy in the KJV in Galations 5:20 is:

From G138; properly a choice, that is, (specifically) a party or (abstractly) disunion. (“heresy” is the Greek word itself.): - heresy [which is the Greekord itself], sect.

That this is mentioned as [b]a work of the flesh[/b] and that it is primarily defined, at least here and by this scholar, as a 'choice' and specifically one that, if I understand this correctly, leads to, or yeilds the fruit of factions, and parties, and disunions, and divisions, this taken together suggests to me that these things are the overriding characterisitcs of an heresy, and not so much(though it may be included) that the doctrine is wrong.


Is there someone among you that is constantly fighting for his pursuasion, for his doctrines, for his beliefes? Is he constantly fighting with you? Who are otehrwise at peace with each other and in general agreement?

Is he pushing his views such that he is forcing others to make a choice about them, and to take sides?

Can he not cease but to talk of them? Or can he not talk of anything else?

Paul said to the Galatians that the pursausiveness of the one that was troubling them, was not coming from God(Gal 5:8).

If we can observe these things, I trust that it will help us decide who is causing trouble, and that not from God.

Wish you all well.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2009/11/8 13:09Profile

 Re: A reminder on Heresy

Thanks Chris for that good admonition.

 2009/11/8 13:35

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