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 All the fighting...

I have been involved in a few different forums online with the object of protecting fundamentally scriptural doctrine. I see this as somewhat necessary when it regards certain issues. I have also fallen into the trap of vainly disputing things that are not expedient nor profitable for my brothers or myself. I was recently reading an old book that dealt with a rather controversial subject and loved the opening paragraph. It was written by William T. Brantly and Octavius Winslow.

"For religious controversy, we have but little taste, less inclination, and still less time. Nor do we regard it as the most healthy region for a Christian, especially for a Christian Minister. For although it may occasionally develop and expand the passive graces of the Spirit, we yet believe that, more frequently, it is productive of the less amiable and lovely feelings of our unsanctified natures."

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 Re: All the fighting...

"For religious controversy, we have but little taste, less inclination, and still less time.

That is true.

We need an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will keep us busy with the things of God and less time straining at a gnat. When you read the stories that came out of Azusa Street during that great revival, there were men that came in to that move of God who wanted to split hairs, they were immediately escorted to the door, they had no time for such things, peoples souls were more important.

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AMEN from this corner!! More of the humility
and meekness of JESUS, less of me!!

Martin G. Smith

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