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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : The Call Crisis from Lou Engle: healthcare bill & same-sex marriage

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 The Call Crisis from Lou Engle: healthcare bill & same-sex marriage

The Call Crisis from Lou Engle:

Urgent Call to Prayer & Conference Call:

Tomorrow November 6, 2009 8:00pm EST

We have entered into a time in American history where the Church no longer has the luxury of peace after great victories. Today we celebrate, with humility, the stand for traditional marriage that the people of Maine made. We believe the prayers of the saints and the votes of conscience helped turn the tide. ABC news made this statement “The tide of extending marriage rights to same-sex couples - which has swept across New England in recent months - has stopped at Maine.”

We Face a Crisis

But now, two days after this moral victory, we face a crisis that many believe could be the turning point from a society of free men and women to a society under the economic and moral control of a government hostile to Christian values. Nancy Pelosi’s healthcare bill, according to Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, “Is a 1,990 page monstrosity that will mandate healthcare coverage penalizing those who choose no coverage, pay for abortion change the tax laws giving benefits for same sex partners and create more than 111 new boards, bureaucracies, commissions, and programs. This will cost at least 1.3 trillion dollars.”

Monthly Abortion Premium

Yesterday, U.S. House of Representatives Minority leader, John Boenher, presented a clear statement on abortion being federally funded in this healthcare bill – Section 213
“A monthly abortion premium will be charged of all enrollees in the government-run plan, as well those who select plans that have abortion coverage through the Exchange. The premium will be paid into an U.S. Treasury account and these federal funds will be used to pay for the abortion services.”

Pro-Choice to Pro-Life

At the same time, a Planned Parenthood Director in Texas has experienced a radical conversion from pro-choice to pro-life and her story is being heralded all across the nation on the news. In addition, the national public opinion has shifted dramatically across the board to pro-life. It seems ironic that this administration is preparing to inject abortion into the very veins of our whole economic and healthcare system.

Contact Congressman and Senators

Nancy Pelosi is seeking to drive this bill to a vote on Saturday. What can we do? Planned Parenthood Action Fund President, Cecile Richards wrote to her supporters rejoicing that, “every version of the bills out there right now is free of the dangerous amendments anti-choice members of congress tried to attach to healthcare reform.” She claimed, “more than 18,000 phone calls” for Planned Parenthood contacted Congress. EVERYONE MUST CONTACT THEIR CONGRESSMAN AND SENATORS IMMEDIATELY AND VOICE THEIR CONCERNS TO THIS PROPOSED HEALTHCARE LEGISLATION.

Divine Intervention

This crisis demands divine intervention. We must pray and fast. Esther’s fast gave a king a sleepless night and the Persian death decree was changed in three days. People across America fasted in some measure for twenty-one (21) days for the vote in Maine. Was God involved in the victory in Maine? With all our hearts we believe the answer is yes. Some reporters in Maine were saying in the last moments that same-sex marriage was upheld, but a “sudden change” took place. If we pray, God could give wavering pro-life Democrats and Republicans a sleepless night or a dream and turn their hearts for LIFE.

Night of Petition

The Bible shouts to us across the ages “we have not because we ask not”. Therefore, on November 6th, we are calling a Friday “Night of Petition” prior to the potential vote on Saturday November 7th. Join Mat Staver, Ron Luce, Tony Perkins, Lou Engle, and other key leaders at 8:00pm EST with thousands of concerned believing citizens for a national prayer conference call to cry out to God for mercy and ask for the restraining of this unrighteous legislation.

Conference Call Dial in number: 218-486-1400

Participant Pass code: 67107#

Time zones:
8:00pm EST
7:00pm CST
6:00pm MST
5:00pm PST

Lou Engle
The Call, Inc. website,

 2009/11/6 14:11

 Re: The Call Crisis from Lou Engle: healthcare bill & same-sex marriage

Health Care Passed to Senate

sad news.

any thought ?

 2009/11/9 14:12

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Dallas, TX


Just love the people around you like you have been loved. Why do you do the things you do and who do you do them for?

What is the real issue here?

Are we really concerned with fighting these ideas? If so why and what for? Are we fighting for a more comfortable and easier life or are we fighting the bill for souls?

What is really important in all of this?

Whatever may happen, homosexuals must be loved into the kingdom like everyone else has been. These politicians are no different either.

I submit that the only thing that separates us from the rest of the world is faith. Without this faith brought on by Christ's love, we would be amongst their numbers and no different.

Let us be truly transformed. Love endures all things.


 2009/11/9 14:25Profile


Prophetic Dream – Plague upon America -- The Curse of Abortion. (click on the link to see detail)

"quote from the link

The news has just came on now in my country. It is about America’s heath reforms. I couldn't understand much about it even though a friend has briefly tried to explain it to me recently. But I feel the Lord saying this new legislation is going to herald an increase in abortions in your nation. It is just the beginning for further health reforms.which your government has not disclosed to you yet and it is the killing of much human life. It will come like a flood and with it the Lord is saying these words to me ---- now will come great judgment.from the East. The East will set her Government up in your land. She will take the fruit and the wealth of your nation. She will take possession of your land.


I was given no interpretation from God during this part of the dream. Last night while praying for interpretation this is what has been revealed to me. It confirms what my American prophet friend has been trying to tell me about America’s Health Reform Bill and how it will affect the elderly. It will be genocide in the form of euthinasia. The elderly will be denied the medical care and treatment they need. Just as Nazi Germany had no regard for human life and viewed the weak and the lame as imperfect and a burden. The same murderous spirit is in this Reform Bill. It is a form of National Socialism. The demon was both an old woman and a baby. Both an increase in abortions and death in the elderly will be the result. Just as much of the world and Germany was indifferent during the 1940’s the same indifferent spirit or attitude is following into the 21st Century.

It is a murderous spirit. When Cain slew Abel and blood was spilt on the ground a curse followed. The foetal plasma/blood is representative of the same being poured out into the streets of America. This Reform Bill will see an increase of death in those who are unable to defend themselves. The weak. The unborn child and the elderly. It will be a form of genocide. QUOTE"""

dear brothers and sitsers in Christ,

we need repent and prayerS !!!!

asking for God's mercy !

 2009/11/10 17:00

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