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Discussion Forum : General Topics : paul Washer speaks about the 2002 youth conference

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 paul Washer speaks about the 2002 youth conference

John Beechy

 2009/11/6 3:21Profile

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 Re: Why we shouldn't mind criticism so much...

I don't agree with Mr. Washer on everything, but this quote taken from the video interview demonstrates an attitude of humility that should be acquired by anyone who teaches God's word openly.

"I've kept myself open to criticism of godly men. But let me say this, i want to make it very clear: a lot of things are said about me on the internet. Maybe you could call it persecution. When Jesus was persecuted, when people said bad things about Jesus, they were always wrong. When people make critiques of me, they are not always wrong. We are men. We are weak. We are failing. And I just want people to know that when someone says something about me that's not very positive, they may be right. And I want them to know that I know that they may be right and it breaks me. And I do want to be more exact. I do want to be more holy. I don't want to put and end to the emotions that God has given me, but I do want them to be sanctified and to be controlled by the Holy Spirit."

-- Paul Washer

 2009/11/6 9:58Profile


Amen to that. This is exactly the attitude a man of God should have.... not just in a position of authority but also on this forum. Washer is humble enough to know that he doesn't have absolute truth about every theology or every interpretation of Scripture. If we're honest, we admit our vulnerability in the simple humanity that has not been totally perfected or totally enlightened lest anyone boast. This is what makes a man credible and sincere in heart. Boldness is tempered by this humility and it's a good quality to have.

 2009/11/6 10:29


God never asks us to be perfect. He asks us to be vulnerable and honest.

This is why he should be respected. There are so many preachers or christians that would never say this.

 2010/3/29 0:07

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