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Discussion Forum : General Topics : The Bible on secular celebrities.

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Joined: 2009/10/29
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 Re: The Bible on secular celebrities

I understand what you are saying pende. And as far as allowing God to remain sovereign I agree. However, we, as believers have to be careful of what we support. By using people who are famous for secular lifestyles (i.e., fornication, drug use, etc.), the makers of this product seek to join secular living with Christianity in the eyes of the world, thereby reinforcing the notion that you can align yourself with Christ without repentance.

I recently watched a gospel concert where supposedly redeemed artists were singing with secular artist. These secular artists are notorious for degrading women, promoting promiscuity, and bragging about drug use and violence in their music. I know because I HAVE listened to it. They still make that kind of music and then perform gospel music for this concert. Again, it sends the same message. That sin does not have to be dealt with and you can claim the name of God.

Having said all that, I know that God can use even these two types of situations to reach someone. Using celebrities to read the bible will expose some people to the word that would not receive it otherwise. On the other hand, some people who seek to justify their sin will continue to be led a stray. I think the issue for us in this forum is whether we, as professing followers of Christ, should support these incongruous endeavors.

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I have seen that DVD series too...felt the same as many of you.

Who knows maybe some of those verses will get in there hearts?

 2009/10/29 21:42Profile


@ santana

The ex-gf is a great analogy. I think it's just more deception. It'll probably make the celebrities look more christian so we'll readily believe them too.

 2010/3/28 23:58


which gospel sung by celebrities DVD's are you guys talking about?

 2010/3/29 0:02

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