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 Interview with Greg Gordon on Prayer and Meditation by D.LANDRY FOKAM Glaubemann

[b]Interview with Greg Gordon on Prayer and Meditation[/b]
[i]by D.LANDRY FOKAM Glaubemann[/i]

1. How old are you?

I am 30 years old and born in Toronto, Canada.

2. When did you gave your life to God?

I was 15 years old and was living a life in lust, pleasure, and drugs. I ran away from my home and dropped out of my schooling, living a profligate life. God was in control of this situation and knew it would bring me to an end of myself and seek true meaning in life. When back in my home I read the Scriptures and one night God met with me over the text Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God." That night I feel to my knees and when I rose I was never the same again! God met with me and changed my heart. So for almost 15 years now I have been walking with God and it is sweeter every day.

3. When have you started SermonIndex and Why?

The ministry of sermonindex started in December 2002 when I read the book 'Why Revival Tarries' by Leonard Ravenhill and was convicted to share Ravenhill's sermons and other resources to encourage the church towards revival and apostolic reality. For years before I saw the need for change in Christianity and I saw through reading much Church history that revival is the key. The ultimate need is to simply get back to the book of Acts as normal Christian living.

4. How to you succeed to give time to God and your work in SermonIndex?

For the last 7 years I have trusted God for all my provision in ministry. Thus being in full-time ministry has given me ample time to be in the word of God, prayer and time to work on the ministry. It is something I am very aware of that prayer can be neglected very easily in the midst of ministry. It must be guards, protected and cherished these quiet times with God. God is constantly wooing me back to Himself, and that is God's mercy in my life.

5. What are the most Important part of your Spiritual Life?

My daily abiding walk with Jesus Christ. As the hymn says, "I need thee every hour" at times I feel I can say "I need thee every minute!" So the most important part of my spiritual life is dependence on God. The peace of God that passes understanding therefore is my portion in these circumstances. I am reminded of the story of the godly Andrew Murray who one day in his old age collapsed on the street. As some people rushed to help him they asked what was wrong? His reply was shocking, "For 1 minute I lost the abiding presence of Jesus Christ." Oh how he lived in that continual state and not to have it was so shocking that he feel to the ground.

6. What about your Meditation Life / Devotional Life?

I believe the the best devotional life is not the one that is spent one hour a day. I find the necessity and benefit to constantly be in meditative though on God and the Scriptures. This was the secret of Smith Wigglesworth who rarely spent more then 30 minutes in prayer but rather spent less then 30 minutes without praying! He was constantly abiding and thinking of God and the Scriptures.

7. How long do you give for it and how many time a day?

As stated above I desire to not only have times of quiet for an hour with God and the Scriptures but have a continual abiding on the scriptures and God. But this never replaces the necessity of time alone for hours with God when we feel led. I find it much easier later at nights to spend long times with God in writing, praying and reading. Rather then early in the morning! As stated above about Smith Wigglesworth, I emulate him in carrying Scriptures with me almost anywhere I go. Wigglesworth could never be found without his small Bible.

8. Why do you meditate on the Word?

I usually read the scripture very slowly and sometimes vocally out loud. And at times will read it over and over. To pray and lift the text to God is very useful also. I enjoy to "muse" over the Scriptures slowly that is when I have gotten the most out of them. Looking at the greek for me simply demands me to slowly look at the meaning of each word and the english which gives a meditative style of reading.

9. How have you learned it if you meditate ?

A good example for me with Madame Guyon and also George Muller. Both of them had the practice to read over the Scriptures very slowly and pray over them word by word essentially.

10. How do you choose your text for meditation?

All Scripture is profitable! So as much as possible I try to read through the entire Bible. This was the practice of Muller who read over it 250+ times in his own life. I will be usually reading through the Scriptures book by book so when I am in a book I just pick up where I left off.

11. What do you choose for your devotional Time?

The practice of reading through a Scripture reading plan has been very helpful at times. One I have used many times is Robert Murray M'Cheynes Bible Reading Plan. Many godly puritans and men in Church history used this Bible reading calender. But as I alluded to before I usually just read the Scriptures book by book.

12. When do you give your Time in the day for meditation?

Usually any spare time I have that I feel led to do so. On the bus, on the train, at a meal, early in the morning, late at night! When I used to work at a secular work job I would have my small bible open to a page and every 4-5 minutes I would glance and read a few verses and think on them as I was working.

13. Do you have a special day or Time in the week , Month , Year where you are just Alone with God ?

I do try to separate myself from all work and engagements for 2-3 days every few months to seek God in a special way. This is especially hard to do in our fast paced generation. I felt that I have not as diligent in this area to really spend protracted times of diligent seeking God in fasting, such older godly men such as Bill Mcleod have convicted me on this area by their life-style.

14. How do you do and can you explain us how you spent that Time alone ?

Always try to begin with a time of quieting the spirit and mind. To realize that I am going to be reading the word of God and praying. I find it very useful to always have the Scriptures open before me when I go to prayer. Times of silence and quiet are essential. Thanksgiving is something I feel is very important especially in the corporate prayer meeting.

15. What about devotional Books? Do you read them?

Yes I find it very useful to read devotional's daily as God leads. Such as Samuel Bangster's Daily Scripture, or Oswald Chambers devotional. Something useful is always gained to meditate on and think meditate on during the day.

16. How long do you give time to prayer ?

This I feel was answered adequately in the above questions already.

17. How do you protect your Time with God from all distraction?

This is important and I have alluded to this idea already. Absolutely Jesus Christ is head of the Church and our life's and sometimes He can't get any input into our life's or ministries. This is absolutely wrong, sinful and we need to all our time of God with us so He can guide us, speak to us, and keep us tender with His Spirit. When we go to prayer the devil opposes us all he can because he knows we go to fetch strength against him.

18. What do you do, to be always Hungry after God?

If we are repenting of all the things in the world, and the world does not have a grip on us then we will realize our true life is only in Christ. This world leaves us dry and dead, Oh how we need to come to God for life daily. I find hearing preaching or looking into the world of God on the state of lost men and the greatness of our Savour. How could this not but set us on a pursuit after God Himself the fountain of living waters. There is nothing we can give this dying world except Christ in us!

19. What are the Best books you read most of the time?

Obviously the Scriptures! I find Bangster's Daily Light very helpful. I read and re-read E.M Bounds on prayer. Leonard Ravenhill will stir your complacent heart. Missionary biographies always bring tears to my eyes to read of men and women giving all to serve Christ acceptably. Robert Murray Mchyene's Memoirs by Andrew Bonar stir me and continue to do so.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2009/10/24 5:53Profile

 Re: Interview with Greg Gordon on Prayer and Meditation by D.LANDRY FOKAM Glaubemann

Thank you for sharing this, brother.

 2009/10/24 9:59

Joined: 2002/12/11
Posts: 37005
"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


no problem sister. It was a blessing sharing some of these things and gives me more of a heart to deepen my prayer and bible reading times with the Lord.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2009/10/24 16:24Profile


Dear Brother Greg,

Thank you for sharing this.

I pray that God will bless you abundantly and He will receive Glory & Honor through your life and ministry.


 2009/10/27 2:58

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