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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Can we maintain Unity with doctrinal diversity in the Church?

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 Can we maintain Unity with doctrinal diversity in the Church?

Well it is Christ alone that we must focus on. Was Jesus part of the Orthodox first but then he became the center and focus and The Main Ingredient of the Church body. So this is where the focus will be and should be. Not a denominational authority that praise is or will be given to. But to Jesus Christ and him alone.

In this book "How to Pray" by R. A. Torrey
he states that "The secret weapon of the church is Power in United prayer" this where the "Church's" focus should be on Christ and him alone. After we all get to Heaven it won't be this diversified church, The First church of this or that it will be Jesus Christ...We will praise and worship him.

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 Re: Can we maintain Unity with doctrinal diversity in the Church?

~ Expect half The Virgins to be Foolish
having no (authority) Oil. But having sought agreement with the Wise as sharing their's.

As The Wise will say
(in greek): "Not So" - Matt.25:9

- The Holy Spirit Himself
is refered to as Water/word/breath moisture.
'Voice 0f Many Waters'
Jesus said, the words I speak
they are Spirit and they are Life.
Jesus washes His Church
with The Water 0f The Word.
Jesus is The Word 0f God.
God breathed
His Breath 0f Life Spirit into man.

- The Authority His Spirit gives
is refered to in the Bible as Oil/anointing, protection, provision to do His Will.

Just remember don't buy from those who sell you advice on how to Get Ready; To Go Into The Wedding With The Bridegroom.

Those who are 0ut Getting Ready?
Are Not Ready. And will not be Ready.

Don't buy a bill of goods you'll never need. -

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why do I get a bad feeling about this thread?....more than a "feeling", lets say "leading". Please Lord, mercy, mercy.

 2009/10/25 8:56

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