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 Bible translation

could anyone tell me which translation would be the best to give a young convert aged 13 years.

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 Re: Bible translation

I would try and explain what different versions are about and let him/her make a decision based on that, if he/she is still unsure give him the AV ;-)

Mark Nash

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 Re: Bible translation

hmmm... i had a special teen Bible when I got saved at age 12. it had cool little extra things like... questions teenagers had about different moral issues, and then answers based on Scripture. it helped me out a lot, to see how practical the Bible was to daily, Christian living.

when i was saved a little longer, i just grabbed a free New Kings James Version from our church. now i have the New Living Translation because the wording was so easy to understand... but i've memorized Scripture in the other version. so... i'll probaby go back.

Yolanda Fields

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I often get asked this question and usually reply "the best one is one he will read". You could have Paul's original on the shelf but it will do you no good there. Some of the Youth Study Bibles may get your teenager interested in more details. That might help.

There are two factor which determine Bible translations. The first is about what old manuscripts are being used as the start of the translation. I won't go there for this note. The other is do you want 'word for word' translation or 'idea for 'idea'. A literal 'word for word' would be almost impossible to use. A complete idea for idea will give you lots of ideas but most of them won't be God's!

You could compare some translations and then see which you think would be best. Click here to try.

Ron Bailey

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could anyone tell me which translation would be the best to give a young convert aged 13 years.

I think sister yolanda's mention of NKJV version is a really good one. Its of a higher literacy level but will strech and further the mind of the child. Its amazing how much scripture kids will memorize at an early age, so to get them a heavier translation might not be a bad idea.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: translation

thank you all for your help

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