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 The Battle that rages by Jesse Morrell

Brother Jesse will be trying to get more sermons and articles up on SI weekly. It's great to read what the Lord is putting on this young man's heart. I pray it will be a blessing to you. If you want to contact Jesse Morrell personally email:


[b]The Battle that rages[/b]
[i]by Jesse Morrell[/i]

The Christians life that is lived properly is a battle that rages. We are told the Christian life is many things. Usually these things make Christianity appear appealing. There are those that present Christianity to make it look fun and easy while others make it seem to be nothing more then receiving the blessings of God; however the bible describes true Christianity as being hard and as being a war. A great deal of people walk around completely defeated in this battle for the simple reason that they didn't realize that they are in a battle. You will not fight a battle that you do not believe you are in. The cause of Christians not recognizing the battle can be accredited to those who presented Christianity to them in the first place in a way which did not mention and stress the fight of the daily Christian life. The lack of focus and emphasis on repentance, sanctification, and holiness has cause the exact opposite result which is the embracing of sin. The flood and reign of sin in this present age must be combated for it is the greatest battle of the ages. No other battle in all of history has had more at stake because this battle is for the very souls of men. The battle is against sin, the world, and the devil. God never calls a retreat in any of his battles and therefore requires victory in every area of the Christian life.

The battle with sin

One of the most common enemies of the Christian comes from within himself. In his own heart he can find the very poison that can pollute his whole body if allowed that liberty. “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked”. (Jer. 17:9). As the famous story of the battle of Troy, the danger comes from within our very own gates and worst still is that it came in by our very own hands. In order to recognize what needs to be done, we must first recognize what it was that went wrong.

The battle man has against sin is as old as time itself. Although the increase of sin is prevalent especially in our day “there is nothing new under the sun". (Ecc. 1:9). The first account of the battle with sin is found all the way back in the Garden of Eden. Adam was tempted by the “serpent of old” (Rev. 12:9) to simply make his own choice in one matter which, although unknown to him, would spark the rebellion against God that rages even now. The tactics of the devil were as subtle as can be, but could not have been deadlier.

· We read that "the serpent was....cunning" (Gen 3:1). Although God had given man dominion over everything in the garden, the serpent used his cunningness to trick man into forfeiting his authority. In this we find an important principal: the cunningness of the devil can overcome the wisdom of man, therefore man must look to a greater being then himself for guidance and strength which can be found in none other then God Himself.

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2004/9/20 2:37Profile

 Re: The Battle that rages by Jesse Morrell

Brother I can't thank you enough for supporting my messages and posting them on the site. I really do pray people take the time to read them.

If there is one message that gets through in this artical its this:

"What is it that keeps sinful men from turning away from their sinfulness if it is not their own love for their iniquity? Sinner, how could you love that which is the farthest thing from being lovely? Do you not know that the very thing which you treasure will be the very reason of your damnation? Will you draw close to yourself that which will have you cast away? Will you love even the source of your damnation? How can you love the sin which hates your soul? Love the Lord and hate evil. Delight only in the things which are delightful. “Hate the evil, and love the good”. (Am. 5:15)"

 2004/9/21 2:40

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