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 Put Your Money into the Message by Oswald J. Smith

[b]Put Your Money into the Message[/b]
[i]by Oswald J. Smith[/i]

We must decide whether we are going to put our money into the building, or into the message. For nearly 1,900 years now, the Church has been putting its money into the building; and, instead of getting out the message, we have been erecting magnificent and luxurious auditoriums in which to worship God.

Some false cults have been much wiser. They put their money into their erroneous message. They know that the message is more important than the building. Yet all over the United States of America and the Dominion of Canada we are still investing in bricks and mortar, whereas God wants us to invest in the message.

Not until the Church realizes that the message is more important than the building will we be able to evangelize the world. If for every 14 cents invested in the “printed page” we can win a soul for Christ, then by all means we should put our money into the message.

God did not tell us to build luxurious churches and invite the people to come in. He told us to go out with the message and preach the Gospel to the entire world. Let us put our money not into the Building, but into the Message.

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