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 A quite morning

This morning I woke just as the sun peaked up over the horizon, its brilliant rays of light chasing away the dark skies of the night past. It was so calm, so quite, so completely peaceful that I just sat there for awhile praying and talking with the Lord. I gave thanks to my heavenly Father as we greeted this new day together. His love for me is what encourages me to look out my window and smile, “Today is the day the Lord has given me. Its so full of possibilities, where will we go, what will we do, how will we do it? All these wonderful adventures yet to be fulfilled and best of all, I don't have to be in control of any of it, I just have to look to Jesus and follow!”
Today truly is a good day to be walking as child of our most Holy and righteous King!!!

May all of you be blessed, and have time with Him today

There is one lesson all young Christians
should learn, namely this - the absolute
necessity of fellowship with Jesus each
day. This lesson is not always taught at
the beginning of he Christian life, nor is
it always understood by the young
convert. He should realize that the grace
he has received of the forgiveness of sins,
of acceptance as God’s Child, of joy in
the Holy Ghost, can only be preserved by
the DAILY renewal in fellowship with
Christ Jesus Himself...
The Lord Jesus will every day from
heaven continue His Work in me. But on
one condition - the soul must give Him
time each day to impart His Love and
and His Grace.
Andrew Murray

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