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 Tozer book recomendations

Hi all,

I have been reading and listening to lots of Tozer sermons of late and I wondered if anybody had a list of his reading recomendations?

I am fascinated by his Love and devotion to Christ, and interested in the authors and literature that led him to such a close walk with our Lord.


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 Re: Tozer book recomendations

If you could ask him, I think he would say: the Bible.

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Generally speaking, Tozer enjoyed reading Shakespeare and the medieval mystics if that's any help :-) He also loved reading any and every translation of the Bible. Tozer really read anything and everything. He said if you aren't going to read, get out of the ministry.

Jimmy H

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 Re: Tozer book recomendations

In his written works, 2 books I've noticed pop-up frequently are The Cloud of Unknowing by anonymous and The Spiritual Guide by Michael de Molinos. Read carefully, medevil mystics demonstrate extreme self-denial and thirst for intimacy, but often couple it with not the soundest theology. If you're a mature meat-eater, you'll be alright. If a litle younger in faith, read with an older believer.

But yea, Shakespeare too, on his knees (what devotion to God).

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