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 Re: Bible Memorization

Listen to some of Keith Daniel's sermons. He has memorized many chapters and books in the bible and often preaches sermons that consist of 90% scripture quoted verbatim.

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 Re: Scripture and Kieth Daniel

Keith Daniel preaches the Word of God. An evangelist. More than others, he incorporates whole books of the Bible into what he preaches, speaking them completely from memory. There are messages given by him on this site. He speaks in America it seems like every year. He has brought messages to Revival Conferences sponsored by Sermonindex. He will be speaking in the upcoming Indianapolis Conference.

Maybe he has said in some message why he has been led to memorize so much. I have thought that faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God might have been involved, and/or saying what I hear my Father say. Of course, in any gathering there are those that have never heard a whole book of the Word of God.

He is a delightful servant and I doubt many would ascribe what God does through him to him.

[edit] How sweet. Ss I posted this, I saw that a message by him is a featured sermon on the home page here. Check it out?

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Memorizing scripture has also helped me many times. Recalling scripture in difficult situations always helps to refocus my thoughts on God and the things above.

Yes... I can testify to this also. :) There's power in the Word of God. Look at the example of Christ in the wilderness, "It is written..."
Looking at the full example, I think it's so very important to get to know the GOD of the bible/His heart/ways ... even the enemy can (mis)quote scripture.

 2009/9/28 17:46

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