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Joined: 2009/7/16
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 Bible Memorization

Hi folks, id be interested to hear peoples thoughts, experience, ect on memorizing the Bible. Ive just started the book of Genesis and am taking it slow, trying to do one verse a day and study and meditate on what im remembering. Im having a blast, there are so mamny positives to this, i would encourage everyone to try it.

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 Re: Bible Memorization

my experiences of memorizing the bible have been great. when I have devoted the time to memorize a whole chapter I never regretted it. Psalm 37 was such a blessing and still blesses me many years afterwards.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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hi, bro. ravenhill gave me a book... john sung. this chinese genius who could spell came to this country and became a m.d. ... wrote a med book in english and german... got gloriously saved and was so excited about Jesus that he was put in a mental inst... the only thing they let him have was his bible... he memmorized it while in the inst.went back to china where they burned all the bibles except the one in his memory. he was watchman nee's bible for is ok to be nuts if your on the right tree... the tree of life.jimp

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 Re: Bible Memorization

Strange you should mention this. In general I am not one that memorizes the Bible. although I most certainly do learn it by heart (greatly desire to) and that always results in knowing, being able to quote, passages. Everything He uses to make His life real in you, you can never forget so that particular scripture gets "memorized" kinda as a side-effect.

But currently I have such a hunger to know John that my slow as possible study of this book is not enough. Even adding my making my own written copy is not enough and now listening to it, bit-by-bit via Voxbiblia, is not enough. I am ending up memorizing it.

It is not like it is a goal, though I want the whole of it in me. I think it might end up a consequence.

My thoughts today are "oh the riches of Christ", of the Word of God. To think His thoughts after Him...say what we hear our Father say... I would not be surprised to learn that this Joy that has a hold of you got a hold of Kieth Daniel at some point.

You might love to join in speaking Genesis with the spoken word on [url=]Voxbiblia[/url]. Listening to books is free and the recording is without music or drama.

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Thanks for the replies everyone, real good stuff. I just checked out voxbiblia, and i had a go trying to speak along with the narrator, lol, good fun!

JoanM: what do you mean about Keith Daniel? i dont know who he is

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 Re: Bible Memorization

Thank you, lydian, for starting this thread!

I got serious about memorizing the word a few years ago when i saw I Sam 13:22...May it not be said of us, '.. and so it came to pass that in the day of battle, that there was neither sword nor spear in the hand of the people save with some pastors'. Consider that the word of God is also called the 'Sword of the Spirit'

I am surprised by the number of believers who don't know the bible and think that anyone who does [save the 'ordained ministers'] must have received it as a gift from God!

Let us keep 'hiding the word in our hearts'...that we may be able to stand in the evil day.


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The best method I have found for memorization is using index cards. Write the chapter and verse number on one side, along with the first few words of the verse to spark your memory, then write out the verse on the lined side. Make a little stack of cards and carry them with you all day. Pull them out at any convenient moment, look at the chapter and verse number, recite the verse and flip the card over to see if you got it right. If not, try again until you get it right. When you have a verse or passage down, remove the card from your stack and make a new card. It is remarkable how easy it is to memorize long passages using this method. It is also remarkable how quickly we forget if we don't regularly refresh our memories. I can recite John 1:1-14, Matthew 5 and about half of First John, but if I don't regularly recite them to myself, I begin to forget.

Memorization has made a big difference in my Christian walk. I began memorizing Scriptures dealing with victory over sin because when Jesus was tempted in the widlerness He hit the Tempter with Scripture. What can we hit the devil with if we don't know our Bibles? You know how the Holy Spirit sometimes brings to our remembrance Scriptures that speak directly to our situation at exactly the right time? The Lord speaks to us through the Scriptures; the more Bible we know, the more we hear from Him.

Wayne Kraus

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 Re: Bible Memorization

Memorizing scripture has also helped me many times. Recalling scripture in difficult situations always helps to refocus my thoughts on God and the things above.

Psalm 23 is my spiritual dagger to slay the phantoms of discouragement and fear whenever they come close.

Isaiah 40 is my battle axe to clear the land of jungle growth like worry and doubt, or arrogance and pride.

[i]Ps 119:97-98 Oh, how I love your law! I meditate on it all day long. Your commands make me wiser than my enemies, for they are ever with me.[/i]

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I suggest you burn the word of God in your mind and your heart anyway you can. If you need to memorize it so that it sticks, so be it. As it is, the more you study the Scriptures, whether you deliberately sit down and memorize passages or not, you will naturally begin to memorize it through repeated long term exposure as you read the word more and more :-)

Jimmy H

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Couple resources about scripture memory found here:

Stumbled onto this site after the preacher made the news for praying for Obama's death. While disagreeing with him on that particular issue, I see no reason to shun his memorization techniques.

 2009/9/28 1:32Profile

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