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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Question About Statement of Paris Reidhead in Revival Hymn & Ten Shekels

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 Question About Statement of Paris Reidhead in Revival Hymn & Ten Shekels

I have a question about a statement that Paris Reidhead makes in the Revival Hymn/Ten Shekels and a Shirt.

There is a part where he starts talking about John Wesley:

"And this is the difference between 20th century
preaching and the preaching of John Wesley.
Wesley was a preacher of righteousness that exalted the holiness of God. [b]And when he would stand there with the two to three-hour sermons that he was accustomed to deliver in the open air and he would exalt the holiness of God and the law of God and the righteousness of God and the justice of God and the wisdom of His requirements and the justice of His wrath and His anger and then he would turn to sinners and tell them of the
enormity of their crimes and their open rebellion and theie treason and their anarchy.[/b] The power of God would so descend upon the company that [b]on one occasion it is reliably reported that when the people dispersed, there were 1,800 people lying on the ground utterly unconscious because they’d had a revelation of the holiness of God and in the light of that, they’d seen the enormity of their sin. And God had so penetrated their minds and hearts that they had fallen to the ground.
It wasn’t trying to convince good man that he was in trouble with a bad God. But that it was to[/b] convince bad men
that they deserved the wrath and anger of a good God."

The parts that I have high lighted, does anyonw know of any of the specific John Wesley sermons that Paris Reidhead was referring to-I am asking because I would love to find them and read them if possible? Or, if not the specific sermon, does anyone know of any sermons of Wesley that would in anyway or form match or relate to what Reidhead spoke of. Say sermons of Wesly upholding the holiness of God, the law of God.

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 Re: Question About Statement of Paris Reidhead in Revival Hymn & Ten Shekels

My guess is that many of these volumes are out of print. There are yet several Wesleyan universities, that would surely have them, and there are some specialty printing companies that may still do so. I would also visit a larger Methodist church, and go from there.

Google "rare christian books" also, and you may have results.

In the early 70s I ran across some original leather backed sermons of Wesley...circa 1800. I enjoyed them, and tried to buy them, but couldn't. Fortune to your efforts....Post your success; I would be interested how you came out.

 2009/9/25 10:24

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 Re: Question About Statement of Paris Reidhead in Revival Hymn & Ten Shekels

You're question peaked my interest in his quote as well. Thank you!!

Here are a couple of websites.

[url=]John Wesley's Sermons[/url]

[url=]The Sermons of John Wesley - 1872 Edition[/url]


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Here's a good site too:

and from ccel:

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This would just about cover it.

[url=]christian books works of John Wesley[/url]

this will help but it's alot of reading, I hope someone would have a direct refrence to this, im only in his first 10 years from his diary.


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my friend actually let me borrow the wesley journal reading, i have it at my house right now. I really haven't read to much in it, but if i ever do i will let you know.

John Beechy

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 Re: Question About Statement of Paris Reidhead in Revival Hymn & Ten Shekels

you may also if you are privliged to afford the price, which i think is nothing for most of us in a western country, may want to invest 40 dollars in the complete works of John Wesley [url=]the works of John Wesley[/url]

I know they contain his sermons, journals, letters, essays, thoughts and addresses to different subjects and much more.


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