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 a new heart

Jdl, I read your questions and thought I should give you some food for thought. Jesus said we must be born-again.To see the kingdom of God in your life you must be bornagain. The bible says that the kingdom of God is not meat and drink,but is peace,joy,and rightousness in the Holy Spirit.God the Father sent His Son Jesus Christ into this world to save sinners.We he saved me I was well qualified as a sinner. We have all fallen short of the glory of God. You said you have a problem with hatred. So did I. I was probably one of the most screwed-uo people,you would ever meet. His GRACE is sufficient though.Over the years God has taught me how love people and forgive.Hatred is a work of the flesh.It sounds to me like you have been born-again.When you were saved,your spirit and soul,and body were saved.However you still have carnal thoughts daily.The problem is our minds have to be renewed daily on the Word of God. We are living in a society that has programmed our minds from childhood to think opposite the way God thinks.In our society selfishness,pride,hatred,violence, and a host of other wrong attitudes are promoted as normal.Unfortunatly these misguided thought and attitude problems are wrong. The Lord Jesus said you would know my diciples by the Love they have for one another.If you will study the Bible and let God have His way in your life He can change you too.The Bible says in first John that God is Love. He does not wish for anyone to go to Hell. People go to Hell because of there own self-rightousness and pride. They try to do it there way instead of Gods way.Jesus said " that my yoke is easy,and my burden light." SIN enslaves our minds and spirits. It makes you a slave to the appetites of the flesh.Jesus said come to me all you that labor and are heavy-laden. He understands our carnal-nature and sinfulness. Jesus said that you would know the truth,and the truth would make you free. Jesus Christ is that truth,and He will make you free If you allow Him to. He who the Son sets free,is free indeed. This literally means that He can break the Chains of sin off your life. His precious blood can make the vilest,sinful heart white as snow.In 1983 Jesus set me free from drugs, alcohol,and cigarettes. He can do it for anyone who will dare to take Him at His Word. Don"t give up now. Ask the Lord to help your unbelief. He will not turnaway anyone who will come to Him in and honest and sincere heart. God is Love,and it is not His fault that people reject the gift of eternal life that He gives us in Jesus Christ. I will be praying for you. Neil


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 Re: a new heart


If you are replying to another post you may want to post your reply on that thread.

You go to the top of that post and there on the right hand yu will find a 'reply' button, click on it. A window will open below the post you want to respond to and there you type your reply. Under it you will find three options: Preview, Submit or cancel post. You may want to preview it to see if it is what you really want to post. You may also find spelling errors and if so, run your spell check. If you are satisfied with your post, click 'submit'.

Hope this helps...we all had to learn so do not feel bad about it.


Sandra Miller

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 Re: a new heart

truthseer, thanks for those words


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