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Sylacauga Alabama

 about your special name

I found something wonderful for you the other day. your code name is more special than you know. a record is being kept of your work for the Lord when you post and do writings on the internet. Here's how to find it. use my name for example, hope you do--- when you turn your computor on you go to the internet. You will have a main page there you have a space in which you do your search. it could be Yahoo, Google etc. type in brodav9 nothing else. click your search and there you have all my work for you to read. also all about me by what I have revealed not personal stuff. now what is your code name? example lighthouse or run2hm or any other. You can find your work there to. hope that this is helpful info. for you.


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 Re: about your special name


This sounds like a fun thing and will likely work well IF you have an unusual name. I googled 'ginnyrose' and came up with 58,500 entries. And my real name brought up 687,000 sites. {{sigh}}...I think I will do something else.

I get this spam email from a site where they tell you that x people are looking for you and if you subscribe to their service they will connect you to them. I am of the opinion that if anyone wants to locate me they can through other means and I will not have to pay a service that will only flood my email box with unwanted emails. Got better things to do then delete unwanted emails!

brodav, lest you think I am discounting what you are saying, I have used this method to get more info about other folks. Some searches were successful and others were not. The successful ones required more detail in the search, like including their town.

Now, I think I will go see what my brother-in- law is up to - he is a professor and a writer..


Sandra Miller

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I tried this as well with maryjane and it came up with 14,600,000 entries. I looked through the pages and by page 7 there still was "not" one thing from me displayed:-)

Agree with you Ginnyrose, I think I will spend my time today doing other things.

God Bless

 2009/9/23 11:25Profile

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