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When you hear a mighty trumpet blast one destined driven morn.
An echoed voice of triumph from a golden-throated horn
And see the stars of heaven a’ shaken from their roost
Hurled by a mighty ready hand Orion's belt cut loose
Senescent scroll of sky secede from Shiloh’s stalwart stare
Islands flee from abrogation regale angels unaware
Fossil fused - fit, and fission fly – Dry Bones – The Son of Dust
Tawny loam of terra firma writhe with birth pangs judgment must

A still small voice – Jehovah’s choice – The horn of oil spill
By password sweet – God’s Anointed speaks – “Oh Lazarus come forth”!!!
Pride's pedigree to presuppose Sin’s heritage consumed
The Adam last - the backward glance - God's firebrand renewed
Descending Dove - Agape Love - Lord Sabaoth - the Branch
Attend the Feast - God's Great High Priest - John's Lamb of God Behold
The Wedded Bliss - that Great Gulf fixed - The Judgment Seat of Christ
The Three that bear - God's steadfast care - The Spirit - The Water - The Blood
Jordan's golden shore -Prayers Faithful core - Elijah's visit sure
Faith in Christ the Martyr's plight-The song of Korah new
In that moment, in that twinkling, a resplendence of divine -
We shall know Him as He knows us, by volition love sublime....

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 Re: Reveille

Oh how i long to be alive on that blessed day,
finally, and totally, free from Adamic sin so cruel ...

Leaving behind in the twinkling of an eye,
an unbelieving world who calls me fool ...

Just the very thought of hearing that reveille call,
causes my spirit to stir ...

Finally! ... the chance to visibly salute my King Jesus ...

"Brother Rahman, reporting for heavenly duty Sir"!

Man, won't that be the day!

 2004/9/16 17:16Profile

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