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 TIME: The One Nonrenewable Resource

I found this and thought it was really worth sharing. Time really is a precious gift from God. I have been reflecting more lately on how I spend the time He has given me. how much of the time that I spent in the last twenty four hours was what He would have had me doing...and how much of it was self? I can't help but wonder if I knew for certain that my next twenty fours hours were the last I would have on this planet, and I say that I would most certainly live them for Him, and Him alone...then why didn't the last twenty four hours that He gave me reflect that more????

God Bless

TIME: The One Nonrenewable Resource

The one NON-renewable resource... TIME. As the End of it all rushes inexorably towards the Edge of Eternity—for you, for all........ WHAT WILL YOU DO TO MAKE TONIGHT COUNT? With your home-mates, your neighbors or coworkers or “relatives” who have never had a fair “hearing”—because you were afraid, or lacked passion? TIME. Its pace accelerates, just as a branch in the river tumbles towards the Waterfall, relentlessly. TIME—the only nonrenewable resource. It’s not coming back. Use it for Him: not wastefully—without focus or purpose or sacrifice, wasting it on SELF. Don’t let the sun go down on a relationship with barriers “as far as lies within you,” or a burden to act or risk—too long suppressed. “Contend as One man” towards Him and His Purposes that He has placed in front of you

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