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Sylacauga Alabama

 Re: where was the blood

Yes Jesus did present his blood to the heavenly throne of the Father. But first he offered it on the cross Jn.19:34. We do not need any visible confirmation of the fact that Jesus blood was effectual on the cross, we know that he went to paradise that first day. Lk.23:43 not hell for 3 days. It is true that we need no visible means of support for we believe the complete bible by faith alone. Rom.10:17. In Alabama along with many other places in the southern part, many people went to see the display of the dead sea scrolls. I cannot speculate why everyone went, but I know that to some it was exciting. not in order to see and believe the bible but just to see the wonderful things left by God for us to enjoy. Others would give their left arm just to touch Elvis presley's clothing. many people have had the wonderful experience to go to Israel to see the place of history and visit Golgotha and the tomb, etc. They already believe but it is a rewarding experience. Jesus didn't judge the woman who thought if she could touch the hem of his garment she would be made whole. He could have said woman will you believe if you don,t touch the hem. when she touched him virtue went out of him and she was made whole. Thus he knew without the help of scripture that she was using the application of faith. What I'm trying to point out here is that testing a thing cannot always include just scripture but would also include the inner witness of the Holy Spirit. Jesus knew without any evidence except the Holy Spirit pouring forth virtue out of him. He says that he is dependant on the Father for everything and not dependant on himself. Jn.5:30 The value of the ark is still present at this time to the Christian for we know that it will be in the 3rd temple. I was very moved by the Noah's ark video by Ron when I saw the museum. The artifacts found in the ark which were petrified are seen in the picture. several years ago when my Dad came home from work he said- did you know that there are people who believe the earth is still flat and not round. Just like in Columbus day. I made a tract about Eugene Shoemaker. He by the way was very educated. He tried to tell the world that a comet was going to hit Jupiter. In Washington and around the world laughed him to scorn. He was a tough man and said on a specific date get on your telescopes. all around the world they did this and to their surprise he was right. He would have gone up into space but wasn't healthy enough. He sent a friend instead. Noah was laughed to scorn but he was tough, the ark was proven to be true. The rainbow is a sign to me that it is a promise God will keep. My faith isn't in the rainbow but it still excites me. my faith is in the promises of God and he keeps every one of them. I have scripture that he blesses now-- Mk.10:30 He shall receive a 100-fold in this time.


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