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 Community Activisim

Greetings everyone.

I was reminded this morning that there are alot of ways that you and I can be involved in the world around us, to 'make a difference' while we are here. Some of us may be called in life to great and high positions of influence and power; most of us probably not. But I think that no matter who we are, simple things can be big things too.

So maybe we will never be a politician, or a community activist, but we still can

Say a kind word to a stranger

hold the door for the person behind you

smile at someone that looks like they are having a bad day

mow your neighbors lawn without them asking

offer to help them take out the trash if they look like they are struggling with it or are elderly

make them something nice to eat and bring it over to their house, free of charge

As often as you remember, greet your bus driver with goodmorning and how are you and thank them when they drop you off

write a letter of thanks to your local policemen or just say thank you the next time you see them

tell someone that serves you that you appreciate them

And always be ready to acknowledge the good that others do, regardless of who they are

Or just discard this list, and seek to God for wisdom and ideas straight from Him. Surely God can show us infinite and wonderful ways to do good to others and to give God the glory.

And if we do these things may we not become weary.

And if we do not often do these things may we help one another and provoke one another to love and to good works.

And however we have the opportunity, may do good to all and to each other.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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 Re: Community Activisim

Hi Chris! A great post. Our family has made similar lists. We have only been left with one question. Perhaps you or others have some insight on this. Jesus said, "What do you do more than others?" As we read through our list and perhaps as I survey similar items on your list I always found that there were unbelievers already doing the same things. I hope you don't read this reply the wrong way. It is just a personal situation I have been in that I am sharing. We have, as I am sure you and most others on SI have, done many of these things. Serve your neighbor. Give of your time, yourself, and your substance. However, we always found that there were unbelievers right up the road with more time (different priorities) doing these things better. I didn't necessarily feel discouraged, but I have been asking the Lord if there is something more. What is the Christ life? What life did Jesus want us to live? Thanks for your post and any thoughts.

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Joined: 2006/2/11
Posts: 2895
Philadelphia PA


Hi Koheleth and thank you for that reply! I didn't take you wrong at all, I know exactly what you mean :)!

I've noticed the same thing. I think that this is perhaps [i]something[/i] of what Paul was referring to in Romans 2:14-16.

At first as I was trying to do things like this, and noticed the same thing that you did, I was somewhat discouraged by it. But I think in that, I was discovering something of my motive that was not pure. And this may be where one of the differences come out that you were asking about: that is, in our motive, and that we may also do these things with a conscience toward God.

And too, I think that we may be able to love good and to do good, because it is good, for good's sake :) That we love what is good and rejoice in it, no matter who or where it comes from.

And here again, if we see this in others, we can rejoice, no matter who they are, because they are doing what is right and beautiful. I hope that I am coming to that place.

Maybe above everything, it will be a testimony to and of God if we do good not only to our neighbors or strangers or those that also love us, but even and also to those that are against us or who would consider us their enemies.

Hoping to find increasing beauty and delight in Micah 6:8,


Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2009/9/5 10:38Profile

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